Mosaic Artwork!!

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    kmartelposted 9 years ago

    Hi to all you artists out there! I have been creating and fabricating mosaic artwork now for twelve years!
    All my life I have been artistically inclined and I have dabbled in many forms of art.  About fourteen years ago, I took up stained glass making courses and did that for a while, but then I grew curious about mosaics and started using my stained glass peices to create mosaics!

    Then, I self taught myself by looking up what other mosaic artists did, developed my own style and eventually started using other mediums like ceramics and stone.

    I now do this work full time (along with other talents I possess to supplement my income!) and the majority of my work involves creating mosaics for clients that I put onto mesh screening, cut up into manageable pieces to be installed by their ceramic professionals into floors, kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, etc.

    I also expose my artwork in local exhibitions where I can pick up new clients! When I do this, I show my decorative mosaic panels which are mosaics cemented into wood frame panels ready to hand in your home or office!

    I also give courses locally to show people the basics of getting started and creating their own artwork.  This is a beautiful craft, lots of hard work, but once you grout that!!

    Being traditional, I don't use any machines to cut my ceramics like many large surface hardware stores, or flooring stores due (mosaics that are cut with saws into geometric pieces takes away the true art form!!)

    Visit my website at :

    Any questions, feel free to contact me!! Have a wonderful day!!

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    dabblingmumposted 9 years ago

    Checked out your work, nice. Have you ever thought of getting your own website? I think it would do far better justice for your work.