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My artwork isn't really selling, what can I do to change this?

  1. Dave Harris profile image75
    Dave Harrisposted 7 years ago

    My artwork isn't really selling, what can I do to change this?

    I have my own website offering fine art prints of my own movie scenes, portraits and military art as well as offering a portrait commission service, but the work is very slow, any ideas?


  2. micadeolu profile image47
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    I think you kind of need to diversify your market strategies; for example you can mix up the website with other artists works of different cultural background. Try this and see.
    You could even offer free or low pay space for other artists to upload their own art pieces too.

    And don't forget if you know already that "art pieces don't sell when you want to sell them."

  3. Dave Harris profile image75
    Dave Harrisposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for that micadeolu, I have a free space on my site promoting other artists, but will check out your suggestions, thanks.

  4. alyssa lou profile image50
    alyssa louposted 7 years ago

    you sir have a true talent. Well is it in color?? try going onto a busy populated sidewalk and offer to draw portraits of peole from 5-10 dollars or as many as you please and provide colors warming like color a face orange make them feel warm....   you can also study on a artist a litttle and try thiere art and the techniquethat they do but i dont know why your art will not sell itis brilliant and truly beutiful i also love to draw and paint myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fenix_ascends profile image57
    Fenix_ascendsposted 7 years ago

    hi dave, you can try a mix of approach both online and off line cause the main  thing you need is exposure to get your art seen by people so they can get to know: doing several exhibitions in any open space you can get malls, parks ect (it can be slow and boring but it will pay off at the end) this will help you get referrals and your name more known (dont forget to get their contact info so you can tell them where you are doing shows) and online u can use a twitter and facebook account to get your artwork out there, once you get momentum it will get easier to sell and get the price you want also,hope this helps

  6. profile image0
    Butch Newsposted 7 years ago

    You should approach magazines, design and advertising companies by submitting your portfolio.  You will have to do the hard work of finding ones in your area and others that may accept free lance work.

    You can sign up on online sites that promote work.
    http://www.artslant.com/ is such a site.

  7. Painter Penfield profile image58
    Painter Penfieldposted 7 years ago

    Hi Dave! I have had luck with the Fine Art America site for artists. You can get a free site and sell giclee quality prints and make money while you sleep there! Let them do all of the heavy lifting and shipping. Also for $30/yr you can have your own individual site and opt into the licensing for ABC studios to possibly get some action having your work shown on television. Additionally, check out some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques using keywords, etc., and get some blog things happening to direct more traffic to your site. It is, after all, a numbers game. I agree that perhaps 200 to 1000 will have to see the work before a sale is made wink