A Poem

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  1. healwell51 profile image74
    healwell51posted 10 years ago

    Do we know?

    Do we know?

    The moon speaks to us?

    When there is night

    Even without moon

    And the kingdom of darkness

    Absorbing everything!

    The moon speaks to us

    With its inner light and silent voice!

    I don't know

    Do we grasp that or not...

    Do we know?

    The moon touches us?

    When a deep grief covers us

    And our night becomes restless in sleep

    The crawling hands of depression

    Want to dump us in mud

    The moon touches us

    With its spreading rays

    To dissolve the grief!

    I don't know

    Do we feel that or not...

    Do we know?

    The moon cleanses us?

    When Sorrow and pain grab us

    And ill-health possessing us

    Just we do odd things and cry inside

    We face the blow of misfortune

    The moon pulls out all such

    With plastering coolness!

    I don't know

    Do we experience that or not...

    Do we know?

    The moon recognizes us as souls?

    When ever we open up to the sky

    Ready to absorb the drops of true knowledge

    And blossoming like lotus

    The moon descendents in us as peace,

    This has natural flow to spread through us

    Manifesting itself in the earth for ever

    To end up the war and violence

    And to create the real unity from within!

    I don't know

    Are we really aware about this or not...

    Poet: Barin Mehta (healwell51)

  2. thranax profile image47
    thranaxposted 10 years ago

    It is an interesting poem. Hard to find a deeper meaning the the words themselves though, but I think its a good poem.

  3. healwell51 profile image74
    healwell51posted 10 years ago

    Thranax, to grasp that this is a good poem is the main thing...

    Mostly poems works like that. You read 2/3 times and  absorb something, then it reveals slowlly. Some time suddenly it opens when you even forget the poem!

    By the way thank you very much for responding this way!

  4. VioletSun profile image76
    VioletSunposted 10 years ago

    There was hope and sadness and a message to reach for something deeper within,  in this poem, much like life can be at times... when I went through difficult challenges a few years ago,  I would escape to my sanctuary which was a park near where I lived,  that was like a mini forest, and the trees will speak to me; I visited that park for over 20 years through my joys, sorrow and changes and would always sit right next to those trees.  I will away grateful for the beauty of nature and its healing effect on me.  Thanks for sharing your touching poem. I understood the message. I think. smile

  5. healwell51 profile image74
    healwell51posted 10 years ago

    I think, you have grasp the essence of the poem! Thanks for exploring the meaning your way, VioletSun! What ever is around us is nature and some time we hardly notice that! But it has some thing very vital things which could heal you and put back on your path!

  6. guidebaba profile image58
    guidebabaposted 10 years ago

    Do You Know Me, Valentine?

    Can you feel my caress

    Deep within the hidden folds

    Of your private dreams

    Do you feel my breath

    Like a feather upon your skin

    Brushing you with my essence

    Can you see my eyes

    Focused upon your soul

    Reflecting your insatiable hunger

    Do you see my shadow

    Wrapping you in the embrace

    Of our sultry dance

    Can you taste my kisses

    Honey-sweet upon your lips

    Awakening the need within you

    Does the flavor of my skin

    Ignite the low flame

    That smolders within your loins

    Can you smell my presence

    As you inhale me into

    The very heart of your being

    Does my scent linger

    On your lips and tongue

    Like the swollen aroma of fine wine

    Can you hear my sighs

    Floating on the winds of time

    Calling to you from beneath the sunrise

    Do you hear my voice

    Echoing through the ages

    Haunting you from within your heart

    Do you know me Valentine?

    Or do you believe me to be an illusion

    Escaped from your wildest dream


  7. healwell51 profile image74
    healwell51posted 10 years ago

    I can understand the deep pathos expressed in this poem, Guidebaba!


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