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What kinds of Tattoos do you have?

  1. wilsonskennels profile image55
    wilsonskennelsposted 9 years ago

    I would be intrested to know what kinds of Tattoos you have and the reason for getting them. I have seven . 1.a shark swims around my ankle: I got it because I won a shark fishing tournament in 1995.2. A dragon on my back : I have always LOVED oriental design and the drgon is a symbol of power in the orient.3.a rose on my finger: Roses are my favorite flower.4. a pentagram on the back of my neck: it symbolizes the unity of mankind with the earth and I was Wiccan for many years. 5.I have a rose on my leg: I LOVE roses6.I have a military macaw on my ankle: my ex husband picked it out:) 7.a wolf on a bed of human skulls on my leg: I have always been a wolf fanatic!
    How bout you?

  2. relache profile image90
    relacheposted 9 years ago

    I don't think of myself as having tattoos anymore, I think of myself as being tattooed.  After all, it's gotten hard to tell where one ends and the next begins.  I have them because I'm supposed to be this way.

    The picture of me on my personal hub probably does a better job of showing what I have than a written description would...

    1. wilsonskennels profile image55
      wilsonskennelsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I love a woman who loves to be herself:) you are great!smile

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    Jonno.Nortonposted 9 years ago

    I got these at different times. The upside-down cross was my first tat. The 666 I got on 4/20 last year. I always wanted to get the set, but it took me like 6 years to finally complete the dream, and now I don't even really care about them anymore. I'm atheist, and I used to be really into telling people about it, but now I kind of just don't care anymore. It's just who I am, I don't feel the need to brag about it.

    My favorites are the two on my forearms. I like to 'rep my hood' if you will, so I got the state of Arkansas outlined on my right arm, with a heart where my hometown is - Mountain Home, AR. I got that one done in my hometown, which I was really proud of. I went for a visit a few years back and got so nostalgic that I just had to get ink done. The other is an outline of the Republic of California Grizzly Bear, from the state flag. I was born in California and I live here now, so I figured I should rep my two spots equally. I didn't want to get the outline of CA because if I got it to scale with the outline of AR it would be too big, they wouldn't look right. So I got the bear instead, which I'm really happy with.

    And I also got a tattoo on the back of my left arm. It's from that show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. My friend Chad and I got the Mooninites as friendship tattoos back in the day when I was still living in AR. Mine is on the right.

    1. wilsonskennels profile image55
      wilsonskennelsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I especially love the bear!

  4. DJ Funktual profile image79
    DJ Funktualposted 9 years ago

    I've got a Goofy tattoo on my right calf.   I got it at a crucial point in college to remind me that I may not be the "Leader of the Club" like Mickey.

    But I'm not gonna turn cynical and pissy like Donald Duck either..

    instead I'll remember that I'm just a simple/humble guy who laughs his way through his mistakes like Goofy.  Also I love that he is not really any specific animal (Like Pluto the Dog) except his own original species of Goof.   

    What do you want?  I was tripping on Mushrooms at the time!

  5. stylezink profile image80
    stylezinkposted 9 years ago

    I have _ tattoo's. A few of them have meanings and some were spur of the moment "I feel like getting a tattoo today" ones, lol. I also have a few old school tatt's that I did in high school with the needle in the back of in eraser and some indian ink, OMG!, I can't believe I did that! Most of those are covered except for this "D&C" tattoo on my ankle. My best friend and I did them to each other at the same time; it represents our initals.

    My first real tatt was my purple, black, & yellow butterfly with my name in chinese underneath it; it's on my the back of my right shoulder.The meaning behind that one is, that it's a cover up of my ex-hubby's initials in a heart and I feel like the butterfly represents my freedom away from him. The next I got was my butterfly on my left hand just above my thumb; for no reason just felt like it. Then there's my tramp stamp, lol, the one on my lower back; it's a tribal band with roses in the center and "style" on old english below, again for no reason. My last and most recent addition I got last year, its my cross with lilies in the center and my son's names above it to the right and left of the cross; this is something I always wanted to do and finally did. I am pleased with all of them, and have no regrets.

    I do plan on one more tattoo [for now, lol] and it's going to be a cross at the top of my spine with my mothers eyes centered right above the cross and will say"always watching" I made this tattoo myself, and I am working on including her dates since her recent sudden passing last december.

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    Jonno.Nortonposted 9 years ago

    All my tattoos have been very spur of the moment. That's why I love them so much I think. I planned what I wanted meticulously, but when the day came I never saw it coming. I would just decide "Hey, I have the money, and the time. I'm gonna DO IT!"

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    Nuts^_^posted 9 years ago

    Hi guys. Anybody knows where can i find Arabic's wordings?
    I wanna do my wife and 3 kids' name in Arabic on my arms.

    Tks for the help!