What kinds of Tattoos do you have?

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  1. wilsonskennels profile image61
    wilsonskennelsposted 12 years ago

    I would be intrested to know what kinds of Tattoos you have and the reason for getting them. I have seven . 1.a shark swims around my ankle: I got it because I won a shark fishing tournament in 1995.2. A dragon on my back : I have always LOVED oriental design and the drgon is a symbol of power in the orient.3.a rose on my finger: Roses are my favorite flower.4. a pentagram on the back of my neck: it symbolizes the unity of mankind with the earth and I was Wiccan for many years. 5.I have a rose on my leg: I LOVE roses6.I have a military macaw on my ankle: my ex husband picked it out:) 7.a wolf on a bed of human skulls on my leg: I have always been a wolf fanatic!
    How bout you?

  2. relache profile image77
    relacheposted 12 years ago

    I don't think of myself as having tattoos anymore, I think of myself as being tattooed.  After all, it's gotten hard to tell where one ends and the next begins.  I have them because I'm supposed to be this way.

    The picture of me on my personal hub probably does a better job of showing what I have than a written description would...

    1. wilsonskennels profile image61
      wilsonskennelsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I love a woman who loves to be herself:) you are great!smile

  3. profile image0
    Jonno.Nortonposted 12 years ago

    I got these at different times. The upside-down cross was my first tat. The 666 I got on 4/20 last year. I always wanted to get the set, but it took me like 6 years to finally complete the dream, and now I don't even really care about them anymore. I'm atheist, and I used to be really into telling people about it, but now I kind of just don't care anymore. It's just who I am, I don't feel the need to brag about it.

    My favorites are the two on my forearms. I like to 'rep my hood' if you will, so I got the state of Arkansas outlined on my right arm, with a heart where my hometown is - Mountain Home, AR. I got that one done in my hometown, which I was really proud of. I went for a visit a few years back and got so nostalgic that I just had to get ink done. The other is an outline of the Republic of California Grizzly Bear, from the state flag. I was born in California and I live here now, so I figured I should rep my two spots equally. I didn't want to get the outline of CA because if I got it to scale with the outline of AR it would be too big, they wouldn't look right. So I got the bear instead, which I'm really happy with.

    And I also got a tattoo on the back of my left arm. It's from that show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. My friend Chad and I got the Mooninites as friendship tattoos back in the day when I was still living in AR. Mine is on the right.

    1. wilsonskennels profile image61
      wilsonskennelsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I especially love the bear!

  4. DJ Funktual profile image77
    DJ Funktualposted 12 years ago

    I've got a Goofy tattoo on my right calf.   I got it at a crucial point in college to remind me that I may not be the "Leader of the Club" like Mickey.

    But I'm not gonna turn cynical and pissy like Donald Duck either..

    instead I'll remember that I'm just a simple/humble guy who laughs his way through his mistakes like Goofy.  Also I love that he is not really any specific animal (Like Pluto the Dog) except his own original species of Goof.   

    What do you want?  I was tripping on Mushrooms at the time!

  5. stylezink profile image81
    stylezinkposted 12 years ago

    I have _ tattoo's. A few of them have meanings and some were spur of the moment "I feel like getting a tattoo today" ones, lol. I also have a few old school tatt's that I did in high school with the needle in the back of in eraser and some indian ink, OMG!, I can't believe I did that! Most of those are covered except for this "D&C" tattoo on my ankle. My best friend and I did them to each other at the same time; it represents our initals.

    My first real tatt was my purple, black, & yellow butterfly with my name in chinese underneath it; it's on my the back of my right shoulder.The meaning behind that one is, that it's a cover up of my ex-hubby's initials in a heart and I feel like the butterfly represents my freedom away from him. The next I got was my butterfly on my left hand just above my thumb; for no reason just felt like it. Then there's my tramp stamp, lol, the one on my lower back; it's a tribal band with roses in the center and "style" on old english below, again for no reason. My last and most recent addition I got last year, its my cross with lilies in the center and my son's names above it to the right and left of the cross; this is something I always wanted to do and finally did. I am pleased with all of them, and have no regrets.

    I do plan on one more tattoo [for now, lol] and it's going to be a cross at the top of my spine with my mothers eyes centered right above the cross and will say"always watching" I made this tattoo myself, and I am working on including her dates since her recent sudden passing last december.

  6. profile image0
    Jonno.Nortonposted 12 years ago

    All my tattoos have been very spur of the moment. That's why I love them so much I think. I planned what I wanted meticulously, but when the day came I never saw it coming. I would just decide "Hey, I have the money, and the time. I'm gonna DO IT!"

  7. profile image51
    Nuts^_^posted 12 years ago

    Hi guys. Anybody knows where can i find Arabic's wordings?
    I wanna do my wife and 3 kids' name in Arabic on my arms.

    Tks for the help!



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