Calling all creative minds...

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    Stories Inc.posted 7 years ago

    Hello fellow-artists,

    I just want to tell you about this project, Gallery No. 3, where creative people of all kinds can submit their work on a group blog that serves to 'show-case' art by great numbers of very diverse artists, in order to have a large audience viewing and preferably also giving constructive feedback on the work displayed. I'm one of the curators for this blog and know there are a lot of active, talented creative souls on HubPages that would benefit from Gallery No. 3, so this one's for you. I could increase your traffic considerably, especially since it's been expanding a lot lately. Soon, we'll also host contests here, so keep an eye on those.

    In the words of the Gallery (

    "What we are attempting here is to give a platform to creative voices and minds that perhaps do not yet have a platform of their own.  If you are a wordsmith or a painter, a sketcher or a flute player, a filmmaker or a poet, a photographer or a rapper, or any sort of artistic-type - we would like to showcase your work.  All that's asked in return is that you follow this space, take notice of the work on display, and present constructive feedback whenever possible. 

    Our aim is exposure for the underexposed."

    For those interested, just follow the above link and take note of the submission guidelines. We'll be looking forward to having you aboard!

    All best wishes,

    Stories Inc.

    P.S.: I'll be happy to answer all questions you might have about this
    You can find more information on my blog here:

    Or on the blog of the Gallery. All of us on the Gallery No. 3 will be glad to take any questions, by mail or comment or whatever way you want to reach us.