Use the simplest method of ghd hair straighteners

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    christmposted 6 years ago

    Use ghd flat irons let a hair looks more compliant actually very simple! Even in straight before, in wet the hair first with blower to 80% dry or nine into dry up, this effect is better and the next step is to pull straight device that ghd hair  also preheated effects, and will be more in the process of straight, you must not go down slightly under or two, you'll catch the hair first, need not too much out a small part, straightened with one hand caught then use  straightening irons, from hair end go toward outside slowly pull, it may be better to make the hair emitted a slight flue gas, can such effect also is the best.
    General finish pull is not to need in putting things, if you want to again in lasting some, it can use wax it, it would be more apply during make-up, but his weakness is easy to touch dirt will feel some dirty box of greasy, so eruption wax or gel you will bear hair water touch dirt faults.
    Remember, if you put the hair straight, you can't go to whom meet, but will have been wasted