A Call for Webcomic Review Requests

  1. crstemple profile image54
    crstempleposted 9 years ago

    What's up, art hubbers? This is my first post on the HubPages forums (not, of course, my first forum post period - I'm WAY too big of a dork), so I hope this works out.

    Some of you guys who peruse around the Art fanclub often enough may have seen my webcomic reviews of "Blank It" and "We The Robots." After these, two, I think I've really gotten into the groove of providing concise reviews of cyber sequential art, and I plan on continuing that trend for a ton of hubs.

    Problem is, I find myself often wanting to only review the comics that I already like. This is a fundamental dilemma, because if I keep going down this track, I'm only going to provide clear-cut-positive reviews, struggling to be objective.

    So, here's the request I have for you guys: If you have a webcomic that you frequent that I haven't already covered in my hubs that you think deserves a little acknowledgment (or criticism), please drop me a request to review the webcomic! All I need is a name, a link, and a few (optional) words about the comic.

    By doing this, you are both helping a fellow Hubber who strives to stay away from complacent writing, as well as a webcomic you think is unappreciated!

    Thanks to all of you guys, and I hope to hear some requests soon!

  2. webismine profile image59
    webismineposted 9 years ago