Hide and Seek

  1. Peppa81 profile image50
    Peppa81posted 9 years ago

    A little girl with pigtails
    and pink ribbons in her hair.
    How my heart wants to return to that day,.
    Oh Lord, please take me there.
    She is hiding in the grass
    and waiting patiently.
    She says to herself;
    “How long will it take my sister to find me?”
    She hears a noise and holds her breath;
    it is not her sister,
    just the family cat.
    The cat snuggles up beside her,
    its tail rubs against her toes.
    She lets out a stream of giggles,
    I hear it and I know.
    She is not behind the oak tree,
    or inside Mommy’s car.
    She is not under the slide;
    she cannot be very far.
    I checked inside the playhouse;
    I walked around where Daddy mowed.
    I turned around and saw her,
    curled up into a ball.
    She did not move a muscle,
    she was quiet as a mouse.
    I snuck up right behind her,
    she did not even squeak.
    She turned her head and saw me,
    I gave her a little wink.
    That is the last time that I saw her,
    the last time we did speak.
    That is the end of my story;
    our game of hide and seek.

  2. AEvans profile image80
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    That is beautiful!!!