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Scrapbooks Start with Scrapbook Paper

Updated on June 3, 2013

Scrapbook making is enjoyed by millions of people in the United States, and its popularity is growing. Children and adults, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and aunts, we all want to preserve our memories for ourselves and our families. Of course, scrapbook making starts with scrapbook paper, the essential building block of the family scrapbook. Scrapbook paper is where scrapbooks begins and is also what gives our scrapbooks their own unique flair.

Finding the right scrapbook paper can really make your scrapbook pop!
Finding the right scrapbook paper can really make your scrapbook pop!

Scrapbook Paper of All Patterns and Styles

Not so long ago, scrapbook makers had few choices in the kinds of scrapbook paper they could use. There were few styles of paper available, and, more often than not, scrapbook makers used simple white or single-colored papers. Those these older generations of scrapbooks are precious to us for the memories they contain, they sometimes can all look a little bit the same.

With the rising popularity of scrapbook making, however, scrapbook paper is now made in a huge rainbow of colors and styles. You can put your own stamp of originality on your scrapbook like never before.

Peruse the website or catalogue of any good scrapbook supply company and you’ll be amazed at the variety of scrapbook paper colors you will find. At, for example, in addition to red and yellow and gold and blue, you’ll find ochre-colored scrapbook paper, canary, mint, sea foam, and lavender-colored paper. Most any shade or mood you might want, they will have the paper on hand.

Another amazing scrapbook making supplier is found at They carry scrapbooking supplies from 56 different companies, including many types of paper. Here you’ll find patterns for every holiday, occasion, and event. There are patterns for weddings and birthdays, patterns for graduations and engagements, for births and anniversaries. Just a few of the patterns available range from the very bright and colorful Vellum Word Circles to the subtle and lovely Autumn Leaves Foofala.

Scrapbook Paper is Affordable and Convenient

With so many scrapbook paper makers selling their wares on the Internet, it’s easy to browse the many selections of papers, order your choices securely and easily, and have the paper shipped directly to your home. The website for lets you order your scrapbook paper, estimate your shipping, and check out with a couple clicks of your mouse.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to order a wide variety of paper styles and colors either. Many papers cost no more than 60 or 70 cents a sheet. Most online retailers of scrapbook paper offer sales on some of their best varieties of paper. As of last checking, was offering a whopping 156 different scrapbook paper styles at sale prices!

Accessories and Supplies

Of course, even with so many kinds of scrapbook papers available you will still need other kinds of supplies to make your scrapbooks. And in the variety of these supplies, you can custom make your scrapbook to suit your tastes and needs.

To start with, you’ll need a scrapbook album. offers a range of sizes and styles. Then, there are stamps, stickers, and various pens and pencils to decorate and enhance your scrapbook. Of course, you will need glue, scissors, and scrapbooking tape. All of these items are offered by and a number of other companies at very affordable prices.

The World of Scrapbooking

After you’ve purchased your scrapbook papers and supplies and started making your scrapbook, you may want to look in on what scrapbook makers all over the country, and world, are up to., mentioned above, has a entire archive of scrapbook articles to browse through and read. These will give you techniques and tips to take your scrapbook making farther along.

There are also scrapbook making clubs you can join to interact with other craftspeople. Life Preservers Scrapbook Club offers a message board, articles, events, and a blog, all devoted to the art and pleasure of making scrapbooks. Pick up new ideas and make friends!

Scrapbook Paper Like Never Before

As you can see, the hobby of making scrapbooks has grown tremendously in recent years. With so many accessories and styles of scrapbook paper available, it’s easy to become part of this engaging and satisfying pastime. Make scrapbooks and pass them on to family and friends! Or, keep them to remember and cherish. Scrapbooking and the collecting of scrapbook papers is a beautiful and bountiful pursuit. Just remember to find the appropriate scrapbook paper storage to keep everything perfectly available when you want to make your scrapbooking memories.


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    • StarryNightsDiva profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      I love DCWV paper! Great hub. Thanks for sharing!


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