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Buying Cheap Magazines

Updated on June 11, 2013

I love magazines. I like all kinds. I can read Rolling Stone and Spin one day and Newsweek and Time the next. Magazines are great for the commute to work, when waiting for an appointment, or anytime and anywhere. They are great to stuff in your pack or purse and take out when you’ve got just a couple minutes to kill. But have you noticed how expensive magazines have gotten? It can cost a bundle just to subscribe to a couple of your favorite titles.

Knowing where to find cheap magazines is half the battle!  Choosing which to buy is the other half.
Knowing where to find cheap magazines is half the battle! Choosing which to buy is the other half.

Good Spots for Cheap Magazines

When you look at the newsstand price for a copy of a good magazine like Esquire or The New Yorker or GQ it may seem daunting. And even the discount the publisher will give you for a yearly subscription can seem awfully high. Thank goodness, though, that there are places to go that offer serious deals for cheap magazines.

With a name like, you are betting on the chance you’ll get a good deal for magazine subscriptions, and spending just a few minutes on their website will show you how true that is. Just a casual browse and you’ll see Better Homes and Gardens at a discount of 58% and Sporting News for a whopping 98% discount off the cover price. They’ve got all their available cheap magazines sorted into categories, or you can search by magazine name. A pretty neat feature of is that readers and subscribers can post reviews of the magazines they’ve read.

Another good spot for cheap magazines is the website This magazine discounter has more than 2500 available magazine titles—something for everyone. is so confident they have the cheapest magazine subscriptions available that they allow side by side price comparisons for over a thousand magazines with other magazine discounters. Many titles even have a 3 month money back guarantee.

Finally, has an interesting approach to cheap magazine subscriptions: they buy up the surplus stock of magazine titles and pass their savings on to their customers. A nice feature of this family business is their practice of sending an email to their customers asking them if they’d like to renew their subscriptions. Many cheap magazine sites automatically renew subscriptions, but not at It’s the little things that go a long way.

Cheap Magazines for Everyone

What you’ll notice when browsing some of the websites listed above is the huge numbers of cheap magazine titles that are available. Whether you are a vegetarian looking for some great new recipes, an older person who wants to keep up on the news and politics that affect your age group, or a college student who is into the newest indie music, there is a magazine written just for you and your interests. It’s actually amazing how much information and entertainment can come from magazines.

Given this flood of good reading, why not consider giving magazine subscriptions as gifts for family and friends? A year subscription to Sports Illustrated or Elle Magazine sends a 12-month message of love and friendship. As the saying goes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And with so many options for buying cheap magazine subscriptions, these gifts won’t break the bank.

Cheap Magazine Swaps

Another great thing to do with cheap magazine subscriptions is to get together with a group of friends or family members and make up a kind of magazine swap club. In this club, you order a couple magazine titles, and each of your buddies orders a couple more. When you’re finished reading a particular issue, you swap. It’s a great way to keep up on all the news and ideas out there in the world and have a bit of extra fun doing it. What a great way to stimulate talk around the dinner table with the family, discussing magazine articles, or over a beer or cup of coffee with your friends. It will also feel good to “recycle” your magazines in this way too, making sure they are well used and appreciated.

Staying Current with the Information Age

There is so much happening in the world, so much music being made, so many important decisions being handed down in Washington and beyond, so many great ideas for the home and family life. Keeping up with it all can be frustrating, or it can be fun. Getting a few cheap magazine subscriptions from the websites listed above is a entertaining and educational activity. It’s a great way to get a handle on the world that you can share with friends and relatives alike. Hooray for cheap magazines!


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