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Squid Art Too

Updated on February 17, 2014

SquidArt Too...the "Sea Quell"

It seems as though the SquidArt has grown so much, that another lens was needed! In keeping with the SquidArt spirit, I hope you enjoy some of the characters below. To use these images, please see the fine print at the end.

In addition to the original SquidArt lens, there are more Squidoodles as well as the story behind it all on the Squid Graphics Lens. Thanks for visiting,


....Billy The Squid

Involved in litigation?

Perhaps you need to be represented by Squid Pro Quo!

It's written in the stars...

and being read by Squidileo

Surely thou jest!

Despite his checkered past, Squidster has taken up juggling...

Aaargh me squiddies....

Well shiver me tentacles, it's Captain Squid Lip Sid!


With humble apologies to the SquidAngels, we have to give equal time to be fair!

Always something cooking.....

Chef Squid is a culinary long as it's not Sushi!

Squid School

...and today's lesson is....

It's's alive!

Everyone needs a little jolt now and then...especially Frankensquid!

Beware of the dark....

Keep an eye on Count Squidula...he's a little batty...

Election year in Squiddom

The candidates face off for the great DeBait!

The Final Frontier

AstroSquid...boldly going where no squid has gone before...

If you haven't explored it yet, be sure to check out the original SquidArt.

We're off...

to see the Squizzard....

The wonderful Squizzard of Ahs!

A ClubSquid relives the Eighties!

I had a request from GypsyGirl68 for a New Wave Squid from the "big hair" decade. Here is our ClubSquid along with his favorite bands from that genre. Can you name all of them?

Hint: There are 6 bands surrounding our ClubSquid.

Squidoo Night Fever

Well, after doing the 80's, I figured I would do some of the other decades as well. Here, our Disco Squid trips the light fantastic!

Peace and Love in Squiddom

Our Hippie Squid represents the Sixties. For those who love the music from that decade, click on the Flower Squid for an image with clues to bands from that era. How many can you name?

Getting punked!

Representing the 90's is our own Squid Vicious!

The Thinker!

Squidoo Lou takes a break to ponder life in Squiddom. Designed for a contest winner, he now proudly sits in The Squidoo Bathroom Headquarters.

Remember to say thanks this year!

And then comes the day after....

Feasting is the national sport on Thanksgiving, but Bleak Friday follows right after, and you realize just how much you enjoyed the holiday!

'Tis the Season.....

Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful holiday season!

Spring has sprung and our Garden Squid tends to the tasks at hand...or in this case, tentacle! The fowers are sure to do well, this squid has a green tip! He comes as a result of a request from The Party Animal for her Squidoo guide to gardening.

Culture in Squiddom

There's always entertainment, and the fine arts are not lost. Here, our dancers perform Squid Lake.

...and on Broadway....

Squiddler On The Roof!

Where would you find SquidArt? a Squidoo Gallery of course....

I had a request from Laraine Rose to do a graphic for a lens touting the new Squidoo Photo Gallery Module. Our Squid proudly reflects on the new gallery, and can be found on the Photo Gallery-New Module lens.

A Squidoo bailout!

Even a squid needs a little help once in a while...

Is Squidoo puzzling?

Of course not, but it is for our Rubik's Squid....


...of nefarious characters in the underworld of Squiddom.

Be sure to steer clear of the Squafia! Here is a picture of the Godfather himself, Don Calamari with his faithful bodyguard and enforcer, Squeedoh!

Squidville Concert!

Performing his latest single "If you could read my ink" is Squidville's own....
Gordon Lightentacle.

Squiddom Hierarchy

In honor of the their acheivements, the Squidoo community salutes the Giants!

Squidoo Rocket Moms!

One of the great groups of Lensmasters on Squidoo. The Rocket Moms Rock!

Advertising pays!

AeroSquid, (despite being a bit flighty), manages to hold down a banner job! Want him to pull through for you? us, he works cheap!

Ain't no mountain high enough!

And that includes Mount McSquidley, a favorite spot for climbing Squid!

Thanks to Squid Angel Norma for her blessings and for the suggestion!

Who's there?

Looks like Little Squid Peep!

The search for the lost Ark.

One of the original raiders from Squidville is no other than Squindiana Jones. He needs to get crackin' or that rolling boulder is about to make his search fall flat!

And they're OFF!.....

Crossing the finish line and into the Winner's Circle is none other than Squid-O-War, the first Triple Crown winner at Squidville Downs!


That's right, it's you! There's a place for everyone on Squidoo!

Nan's 100 lens Whistle Stop Tour

Created by request, this one is for Lensmaster NanLT in honor of her 200th lens! Stop by and see the 100 lenses she visited.

Down on Squidoo Pond

Just a short distance from town, is the favorite gathering spot for Squidville's hip hop crowd! It's rather safe as there's always a Squidguard on duty! Be sure to make plans now, they hold their biggest celebration every Leap Year.

This graphic came from a request by thrivingmom for her lens on Frogs and Toads. If you have a lens on them as well, hop on over and add them to her list!

Saving the Rhino!

This image came about as a request from one of our prominent Lensmasters, Spook, who wrote a terrific lens on the plight of the endangered Rhinoceros. Be sure to stop by his lens, The Rhino facing extinction to learn more about this tragedy, and how we can help!

Working for the Squid!

Employment is difficult, even in Squidville where becoming an apprentice is often the best way to learn. Unfortunately, it often comes with the wrath of the boss!

Thanks to Lensmaster Kim Giancaterino, who has many lenses featuring the Donald, for the suggestion!

Raising awareness in Squidville

Even in Squidville, the month of October is the time to "think pink"!

Squid Attendance

In Squidville, those that show up 30 days in a row get rewarded for their perfect attendance!

Squidville Culture and Arts

Squidville has no shortage of famous squids, as evidenced by this rare personal appearance by famed artist Pablo Squicaso. You can see this painting and more on display at the Squidsonian Institute.

Feeling a little run down lately?

This was a special request from Lensmaster Luvmyludwig for her Squid Journal. Be sure to read about her journey on Squidoo.

Infomercials in Squidland

That's right, if you act now, we'll include not one, but TWO...just for the cost of extra shipping and handling! What are you waiting for? Call Now!

This graphic was created by request for an upcoming site offering help for Lensmasters by .Staci Jansma. Coming soon to a browser near you.

It ain't over....

'til the Fat Squid sings!

So be sure to check back, on this lens and the original SquidArt Lens. The Fat Squid is only warming up!

If you want to learn how it all started, be sure to check the Squid Graphics Lens

SquidArt Too by Steve Thompson / tagsforkids is licensed under

a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.Squidoo logo is a trademark of Squidoo LLC. Graphics, Squidart and Squidoodles © 2009 by tagsforkids (Steve Thompson) . Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. You may use these Squidoodle images for lenses, but not for commercial use (i.e. you can not sell them or use for advertising products), as long as you include credit and a link back to the SquidArtToo lens. Please note that I am not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Squidoo LLC. Thank you.


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