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Squid Tales

Updated on June 13, 2014

A look back at Squid Tales.

A collection of Squidoodles based on some of the best known and loved works of authors and script writers across Squidland. Join our squids for a stroll down Literary Lane with a salute to some of the great classics that have entertained us for generations. Whether they appeared on pages, or the big screen, I hope you'll enjoy Squid Tales.

And now, on with the show....

A Tale Of Two Squiddies

Why not start with the all time best selling novel? Seems like a revolutionary idea!

"It was the best of tides, it was the worst of tides..."

In a quiet villa, Noblesquid Don Squiego works hard to protect his secret identity from adoring fans who have no clue who he really is...

...but at night, he turns into the legendary masked hero, Sqorro...defender and protector of the common squid against evil, and the perils of villainous officials!


The town looks forward to the annual production put on by the amateur actors at the Squidville Community Theatre. This year features a hairy production based on the popular fairy tale, Squipunzel.

Shouts of "Break a tentacle" could be heard from the audience...

Squid of La Mancha

Don Squixote and his faithful squire Squancho Panza, ride toward town with the wind at their backs.

Squid Family Robinson

The family that shipwrecks together...stays together!

Squerlock Holmes

Hounded by a mystery, Squerlock and his trusty sidekick Doc Squatson, accept an invite by the Baskervilles to investigate. It's a little more than elementary my dear Squatson, it's actually K-9!

The Great Squidsby

Looks like a 23 Squidoo is causing quite a flap!

Gone With The Tide

When Squarlet asked why his socks had holes, Rhett answered "Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a darn!".

The Old Squid and the Sea.

There was no way the old guy was going to throw this one back!

Robinson Sqarusoe

Many didn't know Robinson Sqarusoe was an author who desperately wanted to be read....instead he was "marooned"!

The biggest book of them all!

and if we had a choice, we would always opt for the latter...


The King takes the stand to watch his Knight of the Round Table go into battle!

The works of Mark Sqwain.

Favorites of the squidsters growing up has always been the writings of Mark Sqwain including "The Adventures of Huck Squinn"...

And of course "The Adventures of Tom Squawyer",

The Squidback of Notre Dame

Squasimoto had a hunch about the town...and it rang true!

The Squids of Music

The hills are alive with the Von Sqrapps in concert.

Dedicated with love to my beautiful wife Angelica, who graciously tolerates my squidoodling!

Squid Side Story

The old gang in the neighborhood decided to hold a block party...and it was a riot!

A Squidmas Carol

This classic from Charles Squickens tells the story of Ebensqueezer Sqrooge, who receives an ominous warning from his deceased partner, Jacob Squarley. His evening is about to get a little tense with visits from Past, Present and Future!

The Dark Squid

From comic books to TV to the big screen, Sqotham City has always been safe. When danger lurks, the mayor shines the BatSquid light in the sky, and summons the Caped Crusader!

The First Annual Squidcademy Awards

Just being nominated, and being one of the Top 100 Lenses for 2011, was an enormous thrill but I'm extremely pleased to say that after the voting we made the Top 11 Community Favorites for 2011!

The actors, producers and stagetentacles all extend their most heartfelt thanks to everyone for their votes and bestowing such an honor to Squid Tales!

The entire collection of Squidoodles and Squid Art

If you enjoy these adaptations of the little one-eyed orange squid, then you'll want to take a look at some of these if you haven't visited before. Thanks!

SquidArt by Steve Thompson / tagsforkids is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Squidoo logo is a trademark of Squidoo LLC. Graphics, Squidart and Squidoodles © 2009 by tagsforkids (Steve Thompson) . Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. You may use these Squidoodle images for lenses, but not for commercial use (i.e. you can not sell them or use for advertising products), as long as you include credit and a link back to the Squid Tales lens. Please note that I am not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Squidoo LLC. Thank you.

I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for more works!


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