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Automotive upgrades - 15" alloy wheels

Updated on February 5, 2015
15" alloy wheels
15" alloy wheels

Your typical 15" alloy wheels provide strength and durability at a reasonable price. They have many advantages over some other types of rims, and these are usually factory specific, so there does not need to be any adjustments made for a proper fit. While some of the others may be a bit more flashy, they may also not be as dependable.

Alloy is much stronger than your typical aluminum wheel. Aluminum may be easier to bend or break than a good quality alloy. Aluminum tends to be more popular with the younger crowd, but the alloy is great for those who appreciate quality and value at an appropriate price.

15" alloy wheels

These wheels come in various sizes to fit any vehicle you have. You can even buy alloy wheels for your ATV, as seen in the pic near the top right. You might even consider getting these for a tractor or other types of farm equipment. These are the type of rims that will get the job done without worry and hassle. With all of the sizes to choose from, fitting your vehicle is easy.

Alloy wheels are also stylish. They may not have quite the same pizazz as aluminum but they have a style all their own. With many styles to choose form you can find one that compliments your car or other vehicle with ease. As matter of fact, you may actually get more choices than with aluminum wheels.

The tires are another big purchase that you will need to make once you have chosen the rims. You should always be sure the tires are kept up and maintained properly. This includes keeping the proper amount of air in them at all times. You will want to check the air before any big trip as well to make certain there are no problems on the road and to help with gas mileage.

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Keep in mind that if you go with bigger or smaller wheels than what came standard on your vehicle then you may need to make adjustments. Make sure that no part of the tire is rubbing anywhere on your vehicle. Failure to do this can cause damage to your tires and vehicle.

Also you will want to be aware that a different size wheel than what came standard may cause a problem with your speedometer and mileage gauge. This can be more or less on both. If you put a new set of wheels on your vehicle then keep this in mind until you know for sure that it is not causing problems with your speedometer.

15 inch alloy wheels can be bought at any store that sells rims. Unless there is damage to your existing rims then there is usually very little reason to replace these. It is most often simply the tires that need to be replaced due to wear and road hazards such as nails and glass.

Fifteen inch tires are very common and can be purchased just about anywhere that sells tires. You will need to match the size of the tires with the size of the rims for a proper fit. Some rims may take different size tires in some instances. You will need to check with a sales person to be sure and get tires that will work properly with your rims.

Alloy is a mixture of metals designed to be stronger than the one metal would be alone. That's what makes these wheels so sturdy and dependable. This special mix can mean less damage to your tire even under extreme circumstances. This also means that they may be able to take more punishment from activities like off roading where others may show signs of damage.

Besides looking at the size, you may also want to take note of the bolt pattern. Some vehicles have a different number of bolts that hold the tire on than others do. Making sure this matches up is very important. Without the proper number of bolt holes then this rim will be useless to you as it will not fit properly on your vehicle.

Of course the rims and tires are not the only things you can customize on your vehicle. You may also want to look at the sound system and look into painting your car. They also have lights that can even go under your car or truck.

15 alloy wheels can be bought in any number of tire shops near you or online. Check out the wide selection today and see for yourself the variety they have. If you shop at a store near you then they will usually mount your tires and put them on all while you wait.

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A friend of mine just recently purchased a set of custom 15" alloy wheels for his used volkswagen passat in order to spruce things up a bit. They look great, and really help the car get away from that 'factory showroom' persona.

For used cars volkswagen golf has some exciting custom wheels to choose from, which tend to run upwards of $700. That's a pretty good price point, when you consider the investment you're making in your automobile.


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