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Automotive upgrades - 17" alloy wheels

Updated on September 30, 2011
17" Alloy Wheels
17" Alloy Wheels

Rims and wheels say a lot about the personality and style of a person that own any particular car. These additions to many automobiles express a certain individuality that the driver has and wants to show. Many of these additions, including 17" alloy wheels, can be expensive, but are well worth the price they cost.

Additions to cars are very common in the world today. In urban centers all over the world's major cities, many cars are getting redone and made to show what the driver likes and dislikes. Things such as custom license plates are some of the first things put on cars to show how a person thinks and what preferences they have.

Today, we're gonna discuss one particular modification and that is the addition of custom rims, wheels, dubs, etc. And more specifically...

17" alloy wheels

For example, if a person gets custom plates that say something like their name, then they know who they are and are proud of themselves. This shows other people that they are confident individuals and bodes well for them in relationships. Custom plates are by far the most common customizations made to cars.

There are many other customizations that are made to cars also. Hood ornaments are becoming more popular again. These metal things sit on the center or to the side of the hood and usually have a picture or depict some sort of object. Some of these objects can be things, but many are animals and symbols.

Having certain types of things hanging from a rear view mirror is also a change and altering of the car. This would also make it a customization. These dangling things are often very inexpensive and can show a lot more about the drivers personality than one may think.

While these additions are great, none of them are permanent. The best known and most altered things on a car for longevity purposes are the paint job and the wheels. There are so many different kinds of paint jobs to choose from. There are also hundreds of different styles of wheels and rims to put on a car.

A person who wants to have a fast car that shows their personality may buy racing tires. Believe it or not, many of these wheels are street legal and can make the car go much faster before having a blowout. Most people who buy tires like this never go that fast, but they always know that they do have the option.

Getting tires with custom rims is also very popular, usually in urban areas more than rural ones. This pattern holds true for almost every kind of customization. However, monster truck sized tires are becoming more and more popular in the agricultural regions of the United States.

Spinners are another addition that can be done to the wheels of a car. These are actually rims that have a spinning hubcap. Many urban gangster cars have these, and they are very popular in urban pop culture.

There are many things that can be done to customize a car to the drivers liking. Many of these customizations, like adding 17" alloy wheels, show the drivers character and what they like and dislike. Customizations are becoming more and more popular for all types of cars and people all around the world.

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