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Mercedes alloy wheels

Updated on September 11, 2013
Mercedes Alloy Wheel
Mercedes Alloy Wheel

When it comes to alloy wheels, Mercedes is the industry standard. Mercedes alloy wheels come in many shapes and sizes, so where does somebody start when they want to possibly upgrade to this impressive wheel?

Well, you could do a Google search, if it isn't in Google, chances are it doesn't exist. Or, you could simply click on one of the many links located on this page. So, let's talk about...

Mercedes alloy wheels

If you're looking to pimp out your ride a bit, make it look cool for all the homies on the block, then you really can't go wrong with alloy wheels made by the Mercedes Corporation. I mean, Mercedes has been the top dog for so long, it's difficult to remember a time when they didn't rule the roost.

What are you looking for in a set of 'dubs?' Is brand name really that important to you, or could you feel just as comfortable settling for some knock-off brand? Whatever you decide to go with will say a lot about who you are, what you like/ dislike, what you believe to be the truth in the fabric of your life. A tight set of rims could ultimately help decide who you feel you are as a person, and who others perceive you to be as a person...

The most important poll you may ever take part in

Where do you stand on the subject of wheels/rims/dubs etc?

See results

I'm sorry, I tried to get through those last paragraphs without cracking a smile or sounding like a total phony b.s.'er, but I couldn't make it through the rest of the Hub with that tone. Truth is, Mercedes makes an impressive wheel, perhaps the best in the world, but...

What you drive or what you slap on your car as accessories has very little to do, hopefully, with who you are as a person. My car gets me from point A to Point B without incident, on most days anyway, so it does its job. then I park it, lock it, put the keys in my pocket and forget about my 'ride' until it's time to leave for point B again.

If you are considering an upgrade for your current wheels though, then seriously... Mercedes may very well be the perfect fit for your needs. Check out the Amazon links to the right, the Mercedes alloy wheels are actually reasonably priced for such quality craftsmanship.

Believe it or not, is actually a great place to research pricing for many of your automotive needs. I know, I was shocked at first too, but the more I delved into the site and saw what they had to offer, I just had to build a Hub around the subject. the great thing about Amazon is that they guarantee all purchases. Try getting that kind of customer service on the 'streets.'

Some people will tell you that the wheels on their automobiles are simply there to keep their tires from rolling away, and I'd actually be one of those people. but I certainly cannot deny that there are some elegant looking rims out on the road these days. trouble is, they tend to come with the price tag to match. I'm just not willing to spend money like I have it, on superfluous items, especially when their are sites that are selling them for a percentage of what you can get them for a dealership.

Check out some of my other Hubs, yo...

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