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Harley Davidson 883

Updated on September 9, 2010

Harley Davidson have been making motorcycles since 1903 and are strongly associated with larger touring motorcycles. Due to the nature of these touring bikes they are strong, well built and expensive.

The price can be prohibit some people from purchasing a new Harley Davidson and restricts them to second hand, which has risks in motorcycles of course as one crash and the bike is never the same again.

The Harley Davidson 883 is the first Harley (and only current one) to be sold at an affordable price in recent history. At only $6999 it's unbelievable to know we can now all own a brand new Harley Davidson for under $7000. It is available in a number of options that can raise the price over the $7k as expected but none are excessive and it's always nice to custom your ride. You can always get Harley Davidson decals after purchase to customize it further too and spread the cost out.

Harley Davidson 883 Options

Like all Harley Davidson's, the 883 is a soulful motorcycle to ride. It has a low center of gravity which means it handles fantastic and is easy to control and ride. Great for new motorcyclists and very subliminal to ride for more experiences riders after a cheaper ride.

There is 4 colors to choose from, Vivid Black, Scarlet Red, Brilliant Silver Pearl and Flame Blue Pearl. there is also 2 choices of wheel design, the classic steel laced spoked or the 13 spoke alloy wheels for a more modern look.

The air cooled 883cc engine (where the 883 gets it's name from) is great for the bike and provides a nice amount of power to weight to get you moving. It comes in Chrome as standard and achieves 60mpg on the highway.

It is designed to be a more sporty bike than a traditional cruising Harley. With mid mounted foot pegs and a low seat and slammed suspension provide a sporting seating position when riding. however the suspension can be changed to makeit more comfortable for traditional all American Harley Davidson touring.

Looking for More?

Now you've managed to get your Harley Davidson 883, you'll of course want to customize it.

Be sure to check our other Harley Davidson hubs on Harley Davidson T-shirts and Harley Davidson clocks for more!

Be sure to get yourself a Motorcycle cover for your 883 to keep it clean, good looking and protected too!


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