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Harley Davidson Chopper

Updated on September 21, 2010

Harley Davidson have long ignored the chopper market with their motorcycles and generally just produce low heavy muscular touring motorcycles in their own style and fashion - the Harley way.

Until recently with the release of models such as the Harley Davidson Rocker, there were no chopper style Harleys, and even the rocker is not a full on chopper, it just takes styling cues from them and uses typical Harley Davidson parts for the rest of the motorcycle.

There are however many custom Harley Davidson's which have adopted the chopper style and these are to be admired and noted if you want a Harley Davidson Chopper yourself, as a custom motorcycle is probably the way forward.

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Custom Harley Davidson Choppers

There are 3 options for getting yourself a custom Harley Davidson Chopper.

1) Buy one that someone is selling

2) Spec one yourself and order it from a custom motorcycle shop

3) Build one yourself.

Option 1 is the most simple but it doesn't mean you'll necessarily get what you want. It also limits what you can get and more frustratingly when you can get it. If you are not in a hurry and especially bothered about all the styling details then this can be one of the better ways to get yourself a Harley Davidson chopper though.

Option 2 is the one I would advise, you keep a few guys in business and will get what you want. Of course it will be the most expensive option, but you will get exactly what you want. There is plenty of custom Harley Shops ready for your order, some of the better places have waiting lists though - something to bare in mind. You can donate a Harley yourself to get customized or wait for them to provide it all. Something like a Harley Davidson Night Train will be ideal, but it doesn't have to be a new model.

Option 3 will mean a lot of research, measuring and a fair amount of investment, especially if you're talking about time. The design is limited to your imagination and engineering experience to deliver what you genuinely want. You will have to source everything from the engine to the motorcycle mirrors yourself. Recommended for those who know what they are doing.


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