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Harley Davidson Rocker

Updated on September 9, 2010

Harley Davidson have been manufacturing motorcycles since 1903 in the USA and are strongly associated with larger touring motorcycles. A popular part of touring motorcycle community is choppers, and Harley Davidson are happy to be part of that community too, and that's where their Rocker model comes in.

Starting from under $19.5k the Rocker is not a cheap motorcycle, but it certainly is quality and that is of course expected from Harley Davidson. With it's air cooled 96B V twin engine it certainly has the power to propel itself and it's riders way over the horizon.

If you want a Harley Davidson with style, comfort and speed, this is the one to go for, with subtle details like the swingarm rear mounted fender, chrome independent V bar, horseshoe oil tank, and trademark Two-in-one trick seat, folding out to accommodate a pillion is fantastic.

Be sure to kit it out with Harley Davidson decals to make it truly your own custom vehicle and advance on the chopper design.

Harley Davidson Rocker Options

Like all Harley Davidson's, the Rocker is a fantastic motorcycle to ride. It has a low center of gravity which means it handles fantastic and is easy to control and ride.

There is 4 colors to choose from; Vivid Black Deluxe, Black Denim Deluxe, Red Hot Sunglo Deluxe and Flame Blue Pearl Deluxe. The OEM wheels included are of the 5 spoke alloy variety.

The air cooled 1584cc engine (96ci) is fantastic and smooth for the bike and provides a nice soundtrack out the the exhausts. It comes in Chrome as standard and achieves 54mpg on the highway.

It is designed to be a traditional cruising Harley, no need for speed, just a need for style, power and comfort. Harley Davidson touring is a breeze and it just eats up the miles on it's 18 inch back and 19 inch front wheels.

Looking for More Harley Davidson Rocker Stuff?

Now you've got your Harley Davidson Rocker, you'll of course want to enhance your Harley Davidson collection

Be sure to get yourself a Motorcycle cover for your Rocker to keep it clean, good looking and protected too! If you're not ha.ppy with the standard seat, check out my Harley Davidson seats hub too.

If you are after Harley Davidson gifts for someone else, the Harley Davidson gifts hub would be perfect for you too!


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