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Harley Davidson Night Train

Updated on September 10, 2010

The Harley Davidson Night Train ® is a soft tail roadster built by harley Davidson in 2004-present.

It is in Harley's words 'For Those not Afraid of the Dark' and is available in 3 types of black! Vivid Black, Black Denim and Black Pearl. It is also available in sunglo red, but that does kind of beat the point on the Night Train.

The wheels are non matching chrome steel laced at the front and the rear is a pure cast aluminum disc finished in black.

This is a perfect motorcycle for those wanting an entry level Harley Davidson and is reasonably mid-ranged price. If you are after a cheaper Harley Davidson I can recommend the Harley Davidson 883.

Harley Davidson Night Train specs

The Night Train comes with the 98B rigid mounted engine. This is powder coated black to match the motorbikes dark appearance, The cylinder head cover is also painted black to match. It generates 117Nm/78lb ft of torque at just 3200rpm.

The exhausts are dual shorty style staggered exhausts and feature a chrome finish contrasting with the black nature of the bike.

The tank is of 'horseshoe' design and is also finished in black mounted below the riders seat, the external oil lines are however also chrome in finish.

Above the front chrome wheel is a low profile unintrusive fender which is braced upon the forks.

The console providing the speed and rpm of engine is of nostalgic design - a cue to Harley Davidson's past, and finished in chrome, it compliments the rest of the motorcycle very well indeed and finishes off a very nicely packaged motorcycle.

Want to Hear the Night Train?

Want More Harley Davidson?

How about getting a Harley Davidson gift for a loved one? Harley Davidson Jewelry is often overlooked as a gift for a Harley Davidson enthusiast, but matches those chrome highlights of the Night Train beautifully.

Or a great Harley Davidson t-shirt to go underneath the motorcycle wear or on top on show the world your love of Harley's. And of course, don't forget your Harley Davidson helmet to complete the look, essential for any H-D fan.


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