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Harley Davidson Gifts

Updated on September 9, 2010

Harley Davidson has such a following it is no surprise there is many gifts available for the Harley Davidson enthusiast. Since it's inception in 1903 Harley Davidson has taken the USA by storm and continues strong sales today and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Indeed not only are these gifts but many items are becoming genuine Harley Davidson collectibles when they are in good condition and age a bit - so be sure your loved one looks after their new Harley Davidson gift, it may end up being worth much more than you paid for it!

I have written other hubs on Harley Davidson t-shirts, Harley Davidson Decals, Harley Davidson clock's and Harley Davidson jewelry so I won't cover these items here. But please feel free to look at the respective hubs if this is something you want to look into with more detail.

Harley Davidson Bed Sheets

Dreaming of Harley Davidson just got easier with Harley Davidson Bedsheets! There are a variety of cotton bedsheets based around the brand.

With motorcycles, the shield and other traditional Harley Davidson emblems like skulls, flames and bald eagles adorn the various bedsheets and look terrific in any bedroom.

Colors vary but I think the best ones to get are the traditional Harley Davidson colors such as Black and Orange.

Most are available in different sizes such as double, queen and king size. There are also single options too. All sheets come will matching pillow cases which often have their own design such as Harley Davidson Motorcycles or logos on.

Harley Davidson Keychains

Of course Harleys are started with keys, and they can be a little dreary and hard to pick up on their own which is why key chains are so popular. There are many traditional designs and quirky alternative ones too.

Traditional key chains have the famous Harley Davidson emblems on like the Shield, Bald Eagle mounting the Harley Davidson logo, Skulls, Flames, the famous shaped petrol tank and Harley Davidson signature.

More alternative ones include mini oil cans, chain from actual Harley Davidsons, St Christopher 'Ride With Me' slogan.

There are also more feminine options such as love hearts with the H-D logo inside.

Harley Davidson Mugs

Every Harley Davidson rider has to stop for a drink to rehydrate on the road, all that wind in the face gets tiring you know?

So why not drink in style with a Harley Davidson mug! Not only are traditional ceramic mugs available but also thermal mugs so your loved one can carry a hot cup of tea, coffee or even soup around and it will be warm come lunch time when it's needed the most.

These mugs usually just have the Harley Davidson logo on and are not overly dramatic with their designs.

Harley Davidson Jackets

Harley Davidson jackets are fantastic looking things on or off a motorcycle and are usually black leather and of very high quality.

Please note some of these listed are actual Motorcycle jackets so are heavy to wear, some are more general leather jackets so great for outdoor wear and make an excellent Harley Davidson Gift for your favorite enthusiast - just make sure you get the right size!

These can also be customized with Harley Davidson patches to make them even more unique to the wearer of such an item. They are waterproof and many come with built in hoods to combat the rain when the heavens open.

Be sure to look out for jackets with inner linings too, these can be removed and worn separately and can make the jacket suitable for winter and summer use.

Harley Davidson Books

Books make a fantastic gift and are always appreciated bu enthusiasts of whatever they are for, and Harley Davidson is no exception.

There are many books covering the 100+ years of Harley Davidson history so your loved one can top up their knowledge of the favorite American motorcycle brand.

Other books cover all sorts of topics such as classic journeys made on Harley Davidson's, how to maintain your Harley Davidson, How to customize you Harley Davidson, etc. If you can think of it, the chances are their is already a book on it. Even subjects like Harleys in the movies, how the war effected the company and their financial difficulties over the years are covered in depth and make a great read, if for bar ammo then anything else.


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