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How to save while buying a car

Updated on May 20, 2013

Having a car not only means you can move from one place to another since it is also a good status symbol. If you are mulling about procuring a car and having a hard time in striking the best deal here are some tips and pointers that will certainly help you buy a car without breaking the bank:

Toyota Prius V car which is perfect for families
Toyota Prius V car which is perfect for families | Source

Search for a dealer that provides the best bundle. Discounts are often the standard in the majority of car traders which can be in the form of free registration, insurance policy and freebies such as mats, windshield and window tints. Be careful with deceitful car dealers who add the cost of freebies in the deal.

Choose a short-term financing plan. A long-term financing plan may look so enticing and easy in your pocket, but in the long run the accumulated interest will cost you a lot more. When buying a car put premium in the total price and not in the number of payments that you will make.

If you intend to sell the car in the future, a shorter payment plan is better, since car tend to depreciate sharply as years goes by. Keep in mind that a 3-year old car will carry a better price tag than a 6-year old car.

Buy a car during the off-season. Vehicles are sold in the market all season long. In case you don’t know, the month of August is considered to be the unofficial dry season. Buying during this time will give you extra discount from the traders who are so eager on updating their stocks. Moreover, sales agents are willing to give additional freebies or discounts in order for them to meet their quotas.

I hope this helps in a way. Thanks a lot for the visit and time reading my hub!

My fourth hub in the HubChallenge!


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