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How to save while buying gadgets or gizmos

Updated on May 20, 2013

Electronic gizmos have become vague and so valuable that our society will fall like house of cards without smart phones, laptops, tablets, music players and among others. These stuffs are already part of the lives of the vast majority and without these, living would be helpless and even hopeless (hehehe).

Here are some tips and pointers on buying gadgets or gizmos:

Buy at shopping bazaars – Unknown to many the cheapest gadgets are available at shopping bazaars, but you need to be cautious as some stores would not hesitate to sell you substandard products. Only buy from sellers who are recommended by people who you know very well and already established their credibility.

Whilst buying expect haggling to happen and it is wise to conduct business directly with the owner to strike a favorable deal. If the owner will not yield to your price then make a compromise by asking for free stuffs.

Buy in the internet – Purchasing stuffs in the web is less expensive but you need to be extra careful with scammers. Buy only if there are meet-ups so that you can inspect the item thoroughly before handing your payment.

Search for reliable sellers that have good credibility and track records. Keep in mind that there is a drawback in buying things online, that is, the warranty is shorter or nothing at all.

Wait for reviews before making a purchase - If you can wait, do not buy a gizmo when it is just launched in the market. Wait for one to three months, then read reviews and let others do the testing for you. Be on a lookout for reviews and comments in the internet or get feedback from people who own the gadget. You can also ask the seller to try it before buying.

Thanks a lot for the time and reading this hub.

My third write-up in the HubChallenge.


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