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How to save while buying appliances

Updated on May 20, 2013
An appliance store based in the United States
An appliance store based in the United States | Source

Looking around for appliances used to be ubiquitous task of entering an appliance store and the salesman demonstrate certain types or brands. This scenario is no longer applicable and practical if you are keen on striking the best deal. Keep in mind that models and brands made a lot of improvements over the years.

Here are some tips and pointers to help you get the most of the available appliances that are up for sale:

Be on a lookout for discounts

Different mall branches regularly whip up a 3-day sale; if you miss the sale in day one, don’t worry, just proceed to the next. If you want to be sure, you may check the mall’s website and see the schedule of their sales.

There are lot of special dates that you should be keeping an eye on and take advantage of the sales in malls and these are the Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the list goes on. The prices of items may carry up to 50% discount during these special dates.

Compare all free items offers on cash vs. charge transactions

Beside discounts (5%, 10%, 15%, etc) when purchasing with cash basis, some stores provide free items like mp3s, flash drives and computer accessories.

If you made a purchase using your credit card on the other hand, some establishment s will offer you with free food in restaurants, diners or fastfood chains and/or free services in spas and salons and discounts.

Compute and compare prior to making any purchases to check if you are really getting some favors in the end.

Buying unbranded items vs. surplus items

Unbranded items like household appliances, commercial appliances, coffee maker, bakery ovens and among others are common and widespread, and what make these attractive into the eyes of the buyers are their affordable prices they carry. You can save further in buying unbranded items by utilizing your persuasive haggling skills.

Keep in mind that cheap unbranded items may deliver sub-par performance and are expected not to last for a long time especially when they are in frequent use.

Surplus items like their unbranded counterparts are also offered at affordable prices. When buying surplus items it is of essence that you inspect the items well, try them and if possible bring along with you someone who is familiar or expert with appliances.

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