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What is the most likely cause my car (97 civic) is shutting of on me?

Just replaced the alternator, btw it was used but we tested it and it passed, I took the car out for the third time after driving it short distances and it started to jerk and sputter, I pressed the gas to keep it from stalling but it didnt make a diff, just kept jerking and finally came to a dead stop, after that the car woulnt start on its own I had to get jumped and drove it to a lot about 50 feet away. I have jump started the car multiple times but once we remove the jumper cables the engine begins to slowly die as if its losing power and eventually it just dies.


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CJ Kelly (lions44) says

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10 months ago
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    Victor Silva 10 months ago

    havent tested the battery but like you someone else has said that the battery could have gone bad due to the alternator.

    I dont know tons about cars but shouldnt the car be able to stay on after jump starting it even if the battery is bad?