1997 Chevrolet C3500 Rear Brake Problem

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    sec56posted 3 years ago

    I have heat problem with my right rear drum brakes creating what I feel is too much heat.  I have checked temperatures with a infrared temperature gauge at edge of brake drum near inside dual wheel.  Temperature readings at different times have been as high as 235 degrees Fahrenheit.  Temps range from 170 to 235 degrees between left and right rear drums.  Brake shoes were replaced about 1000 miles ago.  I replaced brake hardware thinking springs might have been weak.  E-brake arm/lever is free, e-brake cable is also free.  Brake shoe return to post upon release of brake pedal or e-brake pedal.  Brake drums were not turned due to smooth wear and no ridges or grooves.  Brake job was a must due to rear wheel seal leak.  Hub temperature is luke warm (70 degrees with freezing outside temps).  Bearings are in great visable shape with no discoloration or pitting.  Hub to axle shaft play is minimal, just as it's been for the last 100,000 miles. Bearings were lubed prior to assembly, and small amount of lube was added to hub between inner and outer bearings upon installing hub/drum assembly to axle.  Rear axle was then topped off.  Currently, we are on a trip from Michigan to North Carolina towing our fifth wheel trailer.  I accidentally came across temperature difference after about 400 miles of travel after smelling hot brakes.  That could have been going on since completion of brake job, but driving distance between stops was 10 miles or less.  Brakes appear to be braking evenly, just maintaining excessive heat.  There is no visable damage to brake shoes at this time.  Primary and secondary shoe are in their proper locations.  One thought I have is a difference in brake lining quality (hardness).  Shoes were purchased from Autozone since I haven't had issues with their front pads.  Normally, I buy brake shoes from NAPA or another full line autoparts at higher prices than Autozone.  Don't know if this could be a quality control issue, but something isn't correct. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreicated.

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    SpaceShantyposted 3 years ago

    Your looking for answers in the wrong place! Try Yahoo answers.

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    word55posted 3 years ago

    Does it have a sensor on the drum? If so, maybe the sensor needs checking out.