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  • If God Would Give All That I Need (Poem)

    If God Would Give All That I Need (Poem)

    3 years ago

    This poem is for hub writers to add to like it has been done in the past. You may add your lines in comments and I will place them in the poem as I see fit to.

  • The Vanishing of Naturally Beautiful Women

    The Vanishing of Naturally Beautiful Women

    3 months ago

    It seems that naturally beautiful women are becoming an endangered species. They are succumbing victims to and of themselves. These women are vanishing into artificial objects for the pleasure.

  • Seeing Through The Makeup

    Seeing Through The Makeup

    4 months ago

    To be real is to be what God made us to be, according to His creation. He made us to be what he wants us to be whether we like ourselves as is or not. We benefit most from being as He made us to be.

  • Through The Window of a Godly Heart (Poetry)

    Through The Window of a Godly Heart (Poetry)

    17 months ago

    Suddenly, you are somebody, You’ve finally made up your mind, No longer are you flakey/shoddy, But finding your way was a spiritual kind,

  • Poetic Healing

    Poetic Healing

    16 months ago

    This is in participation of poetry month. This world is in need of healing from self-destructive measures. Know that temporary feelings are contemporary pleasures. Listen to the Spirit of Godly trust that will lead to the properties of healing.

  • How to Deal with a Crush on a Married Man

    How to Deal with a Crush on a Married Man

    3 months ago

    This is my response to the crush on a married man. I have quite a bit to say so that's why I put it in a hub. Thank you for taking the time out to read this very important response.

  • The Art of Believing in God

    The Art of Believing in God

    17 months ago

    Philosophically putting it, God only exist through the belief system. There is no other proof of His existence.

  • If More People Were Real

    If More People Were Real

    3 months ago

    This poem was inspired by an associate hubber named, Alizabette. I had read some of her work before but a comment she left on her recent hub prompted my writing this poem with a video and picture.

  • Seeking the Church to Suit Your Needs

    Seeking the Church to Suit Your Needs

    17 months ago

    A spiritual education is a cherishing one. Church attending is a beneficial duty. It gives you the basic necessities of life. It’s a place where you can commonly serve or serve in an office.

  • Jazz Radio Stations on FM

    Jazz Radio Stations on FM

    3 months ago

    Jazz radio stations around the world are falling victims to other styles of music being played over the airwaves. Sometimes, we invite the uneasiness that other types of music we hear can allocate.

  • She Broke My Heart

    She Broke My Heart

    3 months ago

    I had a girl, once upon a time, We were so in love, the love was so fine, We shared a few years together, We even shed tears together Cause what she felt, I felt, I thought that we were meant to be,

  • Brothers and Sisters It Is Time

    Brothers and Sisters It Is Time

    3 months ago

    My brothers and sisters, It is time, To become what we should be, Stop slippin' on slime, Being real sets us free. He made us to minister, To love and share, Give respect to one another, show we care.

  • How Easy To Swallow Capsules Pills or Tablets

    How Easy To Swallow Capsules Pills or Tablets

    17 months ago

    Lean the head all the way back, Looking straight to the ceiling or sky, Place the item in the back of the throat, Then water it down without a cry.

  • How to Write a Song a Certain Way

    How to Write a Song a Certain Way

    3 months ago

    If you can put ideas on paper and then express and structure them then you can write a song. A song is made up of ideas of a person's imagination and experience. Tell a story in a song form.

  • Recipe for a Vegan Pot of Cabbage

    Recipe for a Vegan Pot of Cabbage

    3 months ago

    If you simply like a dish of cabbage that even the young ones might enjoy then here it is in vegan form. Yes, it has been tasted, eaten and heralded as a favorite vegetable meal. It is easy on the stomach.

  • Swat That Buzzing Fly

    Swat That Buzzing Fly

    3 months ago

    The is a story about swatting a fly. I don't enjoy killing them but when they somehow come in and fly near the food then it is time for them to go. I will describe a quick and skillful way to do it.

  • Poetic Poetry

    Poetic Poetry

    3 months ago

    Anyone who has a life, a story, experiences, imagination, vision, inspiration, love, feelings, friends and is sane and sometimes crazy then poetry is of your life. Express your life in poetry.

  • Music Is Therapeutically Enjoyable

    Music Is Therapeutically Enjoyable

    17 months ago

    Music serves more than the purpose of releasing excellent sounds. It provides healing therapeutically. It is being massaged mentally. It helps release tension. It provides answers to drama.

  • How to Let Him Desire You for True Love Only

    How to Let Him Desire You for True Love Only

    3 months ago

    A true love relationship is worth searching and waiting for. All other assumed love is temporary and counterfeit. True love is real & everlasting. Often times we are slaved by a master wanting 1 thing.

  • How These Are Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

    How These Are Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

    3 months ago

    You can lose the weight the normal way by eating like you should, so start today. Exercise by daily regimen, Enhance your mind, waist and abdomen. It doesn't take as much but a natural touch to win.

  • Useful Wedding/Marriage Vows Bride

    Useful Wedding/Marriage Vows Bride

    17 months ago

    Sharing vows lets the people know how you feel about your partner deep down inside. Vows express the most profound thoughts and feelings. Vows should be shared in large and small ceremonies. Go 4 it!

  • Useful Wedding/Marriage Vows Groom

    Useful Wedding/Marriage Vows Groom

    16 months ago

    The purpose of these particular vows is to assure the bride that the groom as well as God wants the marriage to last for a lifetime for God created the institution of marriage . Poetically enhancing.

  • Memories of A Tree (Poetry)

    Memories of A Tree (Poetry)

    3 months ago

    A tree is monumental, symbolic of long and outstanding life. It is simply beautiful. It can tell stories. It can make you feel at home. It lives off earth, air, sunlight and water. It survives alone.

  • A Real Mother

    A Real Mother

    3 months ago

    There will never be another like your wonderful mother. She should always be admired for her love is never tired. She gives you her best always, no less. She is one of a kind to always keep in mind.


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