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The appeal of owning a motorcycle vs. a car/truck

  1. LowellWriter profile image77
    LowellWriterposted 8 years ago

    The appeal of owning a motorcycle vs. a car/truck

  2. sarovai profile image77
    sarovaiposted 8 years ago

    motorcycle easy to search for park. Economy in fuel consumption when it comes for one or two people ride. No anybody ask for lift , when two people are there in motorcycle.It is left to us when it is come for maintanance. But we cannot recommend for long distance journey with motorcycle. The choice will be car .

  3. Miss D profile image55
    Miss Dposted 8 years ago

    Motorcycles are great for a sense of freedom, and a great way to by-pass traffic jams. Parking is rarely a problem. Unfortunately they are not practical when you have a family but for the foot loose and fancy free they're ideal - IF you live in a country with decent weather!

  4. custom motorcycle profile image51
    custom motorcycleposted 8 years ago

    You get sense of peace when riding a motorcycle whether it's going to work, going on that dreaded shopping trip to Walmart or on your way to the dentist. Riding a motorcycle can make even the most unpleasant trips a little more enjoyable. When you're on a bike you also notice things you've never noticed in a car: the smells, the subtle changes in air temperature, the sounds of nature. You kind of become one with your surroundings. There's nothing else quite like it.