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  • Analysis of Charlotte Bronte's

    Analysis of Charlotte Bronte's "On the Death of Anne Bronte"

    3 years ago

    Read the text of Charlotte Bronte's poem about the death of her sister, as well as an analysis.

  • A Closer Look At Anna Akhmatova's I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead

    A Closer Look At Anna Akhmatova's I Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead

    9 years ago

    I don't know if you're alive or dead. Can you on earth be sought, Or only when the sunsets fade Be mourned serenely in my thought? All is for you: the daily prayer, The sleepless heat at night, And of my verses, the white Flock, and of my...

  • The Donkey And Self-Worth

    The Donkey And Self-Worth

    9 years ago

    When fishes flew and forests walked And figs grew upon thorn, Some moment when the moon was blood Then surely I was born; With monstrous head and sickening cry And ears like errant wings, The devil's walking parody On all four-footed things....

  • The End of Innocence and My Little One

    The End of Innocence and My Little One

    9 years ago

    My little one whose tongue is dumb, whose fingers cannot hold to things, who is so mercilessly young, he leaps upon the instant things, I hold him not. Indeed, who could? He runs into the burning wood. Follow, follow if you can! He will come...

  • Reflecting On Heredity

    Reflecting On Heredity

    9 years ago

    I am the family face; Flesh perishes, I live on, Projecting trait and trace Through time to times anon, And leaping from place to place Over oblivion. The years-heired feature that can In curve and voice and eye Despise the human span Of...

  • A Closer Look At Emerson's Forbearance

    A Closer Look At Emerson's Forbearance

    9 years ago

    Hast thou named all the birds without a gun; Loved the wood-rose, and left it on its stalk; At rich men's tables eaten bread and pulse; Unarmed, faced danger with a heart of trust; And loved so well a high behavior In man or maid, that thou from...

  • Lazy Teenager vs. Frustrated Parent

    Lazy Teenager vs. Frustrated Parent

    8 years ago

    All they do is sit on the couch and watch television. They spend so many hours using the computer that their butt has left a permanent impression on the chair. You believe that there must be something medically wrong with your child because they are...

  • Dealing With Your Hypochondriac Loved Ones

    Dealing With Your Hypochondriac Loved Ones

    9 years ago

    At some point in our lives, we’ve all known someone who made every itch, pain and sniffle sound like it was the end of the world. They believed they were experiencing something unique. Everyone around them had to stop what they were doing and note...

  • Death And Tennyson's A Farewell

    Death And Tennyson's A Farewell

    9 years ago

    Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea, Thy tribute wave deliver: No more by thee my steps shall be, For ever and for ever. Flow, softly flow, by lawn and lea, A rivulet then a river; No where by thee my steps shall be, For ever and for ever. But...

  • Tired Of Hearing About The Ex?

    Tired Of Hearing About The Ex?

    8 years ago

    After years of searching and going on dates that never should’ve happened, you’ve finally found “the one.” You hear wedding bells. You imagine what your children will look like. You see yourself dying old with a smile on your face. All signs...

  • Character Analysis of Serafina Delle Rose

    Character Analysis of Serafina Delle Rose

    3 years ago

    My analysis of Seraphina Delle Rose in Tennessee William's Play "The Rose Tattoo"

  • Emily Dickinson & Love

    Emily Dickinson & Love

    9 years ago

    THAT I did always love, I bring thee proof: That till I loved I did not love enough. That I shall love alway, I offer thee That love is life, And life hath immortality. This, dost thou doubt, sweet? Then have I Nothing to...


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