Does a car really need an oil change every 3000 miles?

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  1. soapyfire profile image61
    soapyfireposted 9 years ago

    Does a car really need an oil change every 3000 miles?

  2. profit4u2 profile image61
    profit4u2posted 9 years ago

    Newer cars recommend changing the oil every 8000 miles. Older cars were recommended to change it every 3000 miles. Having a newer vehicle (2007) I change mine every 5000 miles (kinda splitting the difference). You can never go wrong changing it sooner.

  3. KKSteinmetz profile image60
    KKSteinmetzposted 9 years ago

    The amount of miles in between oil changes has no specific limit.  Because many factors are to be considered such as what type of oil you use.  Is it conventional or synthetic? Does it have a recommended interval to change it at? 3000 miles is just a well-adopted time to change your oil based on the use of a conventional motor oil and normal driving (ie.mix of highway and city driving.)  Your filter life is another thing to consider many have a limit of 3000 others of 5 to 10 thousand.  So a combination of a filter that lasts as long as your oil would be one of many good courses of action to take.  So use discretion when thinking about when its time to change it weighing the factors that i have just shown and find what works or is most cost effective for you.  Of course remember though oil changes are regular maintenance on any vehicle and should be done at the limit or before.

  4. Shilander profile image60
    Shilanderposted 9 years ago

    typically natural oil can go 7500 miles just fine, consumers have been misinformed with the 3000 mile oil change.

    remember, cheap oil filters are not  a good practice, quality oil filtration is very important, deserves your upmost attention.

    same holds true for air filtration on a vehicle.

    AMSOIL makes the highest quality oil | air filtration products on the planet..

    AMSOIL distributes quality filtration products by MANN and WIX as well, for vehicles AMSOIL has not tooled up for due to low demand or are unique applications better served by the other brands.

    AMSOIL is best known for the 25,000 mile or once a year oil change. Both the AMSOIL full synthetic motor oil and AMSOIL EaO oil filter last 25,000 miles or one year.

    AMSOIL makes a formulation lasting 35,000 miles or 1 year, the vehicle owner simply changes the AMSOIL EaO oil filter at 25,000 miles, tops off with AMSOIL SSO full synthetic motor oil.


  5. Jake the Mechanic profile image65
    Jake the Mechanicposted 8 years ago
  6. POWERS1205 profile image70
    POWERS1205posted 8 years ago

    Well, that's kind of a loaded question. On the modern fuel injected vehicles, the fuel burns more efficiently so less fuel byproduct winds up in the oil which breaks down the effectiveness.
    The problem is, people tend to go over on oil change intervals anyway. Kind of like the speed limit, if you raise the standard, people will go over it.
    Use good judgement. If you use premium oil, you can probably go 5000. No more. Some full synthetics claim to be good for 10000 in certain vehicles. If your car doesn't call for full synthetic, then I wouldn't bother.


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