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Is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course worth taking?

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    Is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course worth taking?

    A friend of mine took the MSF course and failed it. It cost him over $200 and he forfeited all of that. They tried to teach him how to ride a motorcycle (Honda Rebel 250) in just two days. Is it possible to learn how to ride in two days? Sure, you learn safety and street skills. And I want to learn how to ride. But I don't think I could do it in just two days.

  2. Mental Ink profile image63
    Mental Inkposted 7 years ago

    I hate to sound cruel but if your friend could not pass while riding on a little 250, he probably just shouldn't be riding anything on two wheels with a motor; not even a Vespa.

    As you now know, I've been riding a LONG time and back when I got my license there was no such thing as the riding course so I had to learn on the street one week then took my test the next. It's really not that hard but I also think you have to have a certain personality for it.

    I too, have a friend who took the course and passed with flying colors. She's all of 5-foot 1, weighing in just over 100lbs! I think it's worth it, not only for the education, but when you pass, you get your license. One-stop shopping eliminates the need to do a separate test at the DMV; which in itself is worthwhile.

    Riding on two wheels simply isn't for everyone. I ride, my dad rides and one of my brothers rides. My other brother tried from peer pressure and literally hit a wall his first time out. He hasn't ridden since, realizing it's simply not his thing.

    OK, I think I got off-topic but you also have my answer. In general, the course is good for those who have no other learning option. Maybe the instructors weren't great or maybe your friend simply doesn't have it what it takes, despite his desire.

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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    i think a person MUST b born w/ that gift. i was, & i was able 2 pick it right up. once i learned how 2 ride a bicycle, i could then ride a motorcycle. the longer i rode, it became 2'nd nature, as though part of me. sport bikes r my specialty, they're like a 'crotch rocket.' i like certain bikes that resemble a running horse if seen from a certain angle.
    what i like about riding on 2 wheels is the seemingly 'floating' effect. the rider just seems 2 'float' above the ground. i was also discovered 2 have another gift in aviation. i'm yet 2 find the $$$ 2 get my pilots' license. i rode in a stunt plane yrs ago & the flips were Gr8!

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for your reply spaceage. It's interesting that people say a rider has to be "born" with the gift. Is that to imply that it can't be taught? I find it incredible that the MSF spends two days teaching everything that is needed to be safe. But in two days? Seems like a novice would need more time than that -- like at least a week. I'm not referring to knowledge. I mean actual riding skills. For flying, you can at least get your ground school out of the way. Learn how to use the E6B flight computer. When you're stuck in IFR and totally surrounded by nothing, you must know how to navigate without relying on computerized "glass" so commonly used today. Subscribe to a good flying magazine. Learn the basics. It isn't that costly to get a sport pilot license.

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    Wing Girl Kimposted 5 years ago

    Good practice for learning to ride a motorcycle is driving a stick shift (car) and riding a bicycle. Get good at both. Then get on a motorcycle. You will learn quickly if you accomplish the first 2 vehicles.

    I agree with Mental Ink that some people should not ride motorcycles. But again, if you can drive a car with standard transmission and ride a bicycle, you should not have much trouble on a motorcycle.

    That said, then yes, taking the MSF course is in my opinion the best thing to do. Not only will you learn safety tips and good practices, but you will also get a discount off motorcycle insurance.

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    jonardgolleposted 5 years ago

    A safety riding course is always worth taking. Motorcycle is something really risky and you need all the help you can get in making sure you avoid any accidents. You would not know what can happen and you do not have any insurance what long term effect it could have on you. Not to mention how this would affect your insurance premiums.