Repairing a Camry door check

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    RUNXCTRYposted 6 years ago

    Repairing a Camry door check

    My 1999 Camry's doors swing full-open and full-closed without resistance.  Some googling shows that the door checks may need to be replaced.  However, the door checks run about $80 each, and it seems the repair isn't simple.  The fact that all my doors have the same problem make me wonder whether they're installed properly.  Can you offer some advice regarding installation, adjustment, or replacement?

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    hardlymovingposted 6 years ago

    I can understand 1 or 2 door checks going bad but all 4?  $80 is a lot of money for each one.  To replace it, you'll have to disconnect 1 bolt from the body and 2 nuts from the door.  The door check will then have to be removed from the door's access hole which requires removal of the door panel.  If there's a local junkyard in your neighborhood, remove and get the part there.  You'll only need a small plastic prybar, a screw driver set and a 10mm socket with a socket wrench.  It'll be good practice working on a junked Camry.  You can go to my door window replacement article to obtain details on how to removal the door panel. … IY_Repairs