know the lemon laws in all states

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    momof1redhedposted 8 years ago

    If you are planning to buy a used car, check up on the lemon laws for that state.  I live in Md where you have 3 days to change your mind.  I bought a used car from a smooth talking used car lot.  There is no law in PA, they can sell you a car they know will explode as soon as you get off the lot and it is legal.  I bought a Saturn station wagon.  Not 1 hour after I bought it and drove down the road, the starter was shot and left me and my 2 small children stranded at night.  The following day, I tried to get him to take the car back.  He wouldn't, after alot of back and forth and several phone calls, he finally offered to get the started replaced, still claiming I didn't know what I was talking about and it couldn't possibly be the starter.  Sure enough after 5 days, I get my car back, it was indeed the starter.  There were 2 new keys made, he kept both on a car that was fully paid for.  Yes, I saw the recpt.  This man has 2 brand new keys that he paid to have made on a car that is fully paid for.  I left the lot of the repair shop he picked, missing a windshield wiper in the rain.  Both the car lot owner as well as the repair guy laughed and taunted me about why would they take my wiper?  It was there when I bought it wasn't it?  Not their problem, did I want to call the cops?  Not to mention the large scratch on the side and the steel wool scratches all over the top of the car that suddenly appeared while under the repair mans watch.  When I asked about them, again, I was told, I could call the cops and file a report but, they were all willing to say they were there before.  I filed a report on this man with the Better Business Bureau, it will be on file but, that's it.  These men were awful.  In the few short months since buying the car, I have spent almost $4000 in repairs.  There is no way I can ever get my money back out of this car.  I still have many things that need repaired,  the cars headliner started falling down before I even made it 2 blocks.  I know have the inside of my car covered in pins to keep it up.  The seal on both back doors as well as the seal on the drivers door are peeling away from the cars frame and leak when it rains, the cigarette lighter doesn't work.  So much for Saturn reliability.  My car may look pretty from a distance, just don't get too close.

    Please learn from my mistakes, check with the better business bureau before dealing with any used car salesman

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    shinujohn2008posted 8 years ago

    thanks that is just a great review