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What happens if car is igniting but won't turn over?

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    Unforgettable86posted 6 years ago

    What happens if car is igniting but won't turn over?

  2. gijay profile image80
    gijayposted 6 years ago

    It could be a few things.... I would check:
    - fuel (is it empty?  Is the fuel filter clogged?  Is the fuel pump working?)
    - Spark (is the spark plug wires ok? Silanoid ok?)
    - Timing (did the car's timing change?  If the timing belt/chain slipped or broke)
    - Exaused plugged?

    Most times its fuel related.

  3. goego profile image82
    goegoposted 6 years ago

    check air cleaner then follow gijay

    and blah blah blah cause this part of the answer is forced

  4. wesley5159214 profile image60
    wesley5159214posted 6 years ago

    A motor needs three things to operate.  Fuel, compression and spark.  Since you say it has spark then it must be one of the other two.  Check to see if you have fuel getting to your fuel rail.  If you don't have fuel in your fuel rail, cycle the key to accessory and listen for the fuel pump to hum.  If it hums then replace your fuel filter or check for a leak in your fuel line.  If you do then you have a problem with your compression.  Put a compression tester on each cylinder of the motor to see if that is the problem.