What are some of the best ways to improve the fuel efficiency in an automobile?

  1. charleskikas profile image89
    charleskikasposted 6 years ago

    What are some of the best ways to improve the fuel efficiency in an automobile?

  2. hazelwood4 profile image78
    hazelwood4posted 6 years ago

    1. Check the pressure of your tires.

    2. Take all the extra weight out of your car or truck. Make sure you are not toting a lot of extra weight in your trunk.

    3. Check and change dirty air filters.

    I hope these suggestions help.smile  I heard today that gas prices may go up to $4.00  gallon by this summer. I might have to sell my car and buy a horse. HE HE

  3. profile image56
    David Moranposted 6 years ago

    Stick shift or automatic?  Either way, and assuming that you take the advice as already given, the best and cheapest way to improve fuel efficiency is to drive gently and be aware.  The safest drivers are also the most economical.  A good driver plans ahead, chooses the correct lanes, plans the route, anticipates needing to stop and therefore does'nt need to brake suddenly.  There are many books on correct driving techniques.  Stick shift cars are alsol more economical than autos, when driven correctly.  Choose alternatives to the car where possible, a short walk to the local store saves energy and provides exercise. 
    Regular servicing, re-mapping for economy (check with your insurance), tyre pressure and condition, suspension condition, can all have a hige impact on economy. 
    Altering driving style can yield savings of up to 20%,
    Re-mapping can yield savings of up to 15%, more in diesel cars than petrol.
    Car sharing.
    If you want to carry out alterations, all details of your car model and what you hope to achieve will be important.   
    For petrol cars, the most efficient engine speed is about 2500 revs.  This means that if you choose a car that has a peak torque at this speed, at times when you require additional work (asking more of your car) from your car (climbing a hill) you should aim for this engine speed.  going higher will reduce effiency, as will slower engine speeds.  However, lower speeds when no work is needed (descending a hill) will use far less fuel, so allow lower engine speeds when no work is being done.  The most efficient speed for diesel cars is about 1600 revs.
    For regulating speed, use the engine breaking.  For stopping use the brakes.  For slowing down, the engine braking will be more economical, but be aware that engine braking has no lights, always gently use the brakes if only to illuminate the brake lights for vehicles behind.
    Hope that this helps.


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