Should I pay for diagnostic test, I wasn't aware of?

  1. Silky Youwatching profile image59
    Silky Youwatchingposted 2 years ago

    Should I pay for diagnostic test, I wasn't aware of?

    My car stopped in middle of street, cop helps me and calls tow for me. Tow guy says I can take it to shop up the street to jump it. I get there they ask whats the problem, I tell them definately battery, maybe alternator... I never said anything about exhaust problem, anyone who knows cars can hear I have exhaust problems. I ask for estimate and to jump battery. It was  closing time so, Next morn. I call to pick up, they say battry wouldnt hold charge, not altenator and radio maybe prob. I bought new battry my bf put in on their lot. I went to pay for tow then he tells me about the test!

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    LoisRyan13903posted 2 years ago

    I think they should have advised you about the test.  But to tell if it is the alternator they have to check do the test.  When your car died did you have a steady battery light?  that is usually the sign of a bad alternator.  One time my husband had a bad alternator.  He and a friend took it out and took it to the local autozone.  They put it on their machine and it tested fine.  We took the truck to our mechanic and he tested it and it came up as bad.  What it was was a sticky diode, which after you tapped the alternator with a rubber mallet it charged fine.  Eventually it had to be replaced.

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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    You said: "I tell them definitely battery, {maybe alternator}.."
    Most shops under those circumstances will do a variety of tests to determine exactly what the issue is. A diagnostic test is done to find out what the problem is whenever there is "uncertainty".
    Where as if you said I need to buy a battery that most likely would have been the end of it. They would have sold you one & installed it.
    Having said that even if a diagnostic test is preformed it 's usually not applied as a cost if the shop is approved by you to make the repair.
    I suspect if you went to court over this you'd probably lose since it was implied you wanted them to {determine what the issue was}.