New Ford Mustang Muscle Car on a v4 ?

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    Jose Molinaposted 14 months ago

    New Ford Mustang Muscle Car on a v4 ?

    The Ford Mustang Ecoboost it's a v4 turbo the new model have the same body model than the v8 GT but it's a v4 Turbo and is a lot of more aconomic it's seems too much to be real

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image29
    bradmasterOCcalposted 12 months ago

    The new 4 cyl especially with turbo boost have a lot of power. We took a rented Camry 4 cyl from CA to Vegas, and it performed like a V8.

    So, for all practical purpose the Mustang shell can be powered by a 4 or an 8. I guess it depends on how many tickets you can afford the put the car engines to the test.

  3. WheelScene profile image90
    WheelSceneposted 4 months ago

    Yes the new Mustang has the same body for a V4 Turbo and a V8 Mustang GT. Some suspension parts may change, but over all it is the same car.

    As mentioned by bradmasterOCcal new Turbo 4 Cylinder Engines have more power than ever and can easily produce 300 horsepower. Plus you get the weight savings.

    They are not as fast as a V8 Mustang, but that depends on how fast you need to go.

    Do not doubt the 4 Cylinder Mustang.