My automatic transmission Runx is slipping from gear 5 to 4 and the rev is goin

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    Lebeus Aipingeposted 6 months ago

    My automatic transmission  Runx is slipping from gear 5 to 4 and the rev is going up abnormal ,

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    asifiqposted 6 months ago

    It would be difficult to analyze such a problem without a first hand driving test.
    Simply as an example, I could ask , when gear shifts from 5 to 4, it is natural for rev to jump. But I sense, you know that, and hence used the word "abnormal".

    Basic understanding is, slip from 5 to 4 can  easily be if the engine needs more power than it does on 5. And that can happen for many reasons, from air intake to injector or valve or calibration or even tuning not well set, and the torque due is lost but more prominently  noticed when the car is on the 5th gear.

    And it is not simple as that. There could also be a malfunction somewhere along the lines of OD (over-drive), air flow sensors, knock sensors to the ECU (the chipboard that controls the electronic coordination).

    But I would firstly suggest test drive by a professional, and RUNX should be easily electronically scanned for very accurate depiction.

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      asifiqposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Let us hope, your problems are solved.
      Or it is definitely the planet carrier gear dedicated to 5th gear, which is slipping, either due to worn out bearing or the gear itself has broken pinion. Which is more likely the case.
      But hope it is not so.