Water leaking inside my car.

  1. Gladys02 profile image61
    Gladys02posted 4 months ago

    Water leaking inside my car.

    Water started leaking inside my car, passenger side, coming from under glove box, about 3 weeks ago, I took it to SAFELITE AUTO GLASS, a guy said it wasn't windshield related, and it also has original glass, I bought my 2010 Chevrolet Malibu LS in 2013, my warranty expired so after that, I took it to a mechanic at pepboys, he applied the air hose inside the flapper? Where the strip is. that was a week ago and it leaked yesterday, Saturday 10/28th


  2. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 4 months ago

    That is where the heater core is. The heater core has water circulated through it from the radiator. The mechanic should do a pressure check of the cooling system to see if it leaks.

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    WheelSceneposted 4 months ago

    Tim gave a great answer. Evaporator for A/C is also located in that area on some cars and so is one of the drains that helps to move water away from roof and doors back to the ground. These drains can be clogged with dirt/leaves/debris so sometimes an air gun can clear that out.

    Worst case I'd bring the vehicle to a mechanic you trust.

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