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Mercedes - Benz in Debt?...yes, this is why Chrysler USA is in crisis!

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    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years ago

    Mercedes - Benz currently owes Chrysler , USA 3.5 million dollars to just one Chrysler stamping facility for parts produced by Chrysler and shipped to Russia to be assembled into cars sold in that country. I know this because I have a relative who has been very close in this business for over 15 years, and we found out why Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge are in a lot of trouble and having to close many of the stamping plants in the United States..

    It is unknown the total amount owed to Chrysler, but this is just the due amount to one stamping facility in Ohio that thankfully, did not shut down due to other manufacturers.

    Please think hard before you buy a Mercedes - Benz. Yes, they are still selling at outrageous prices , yet not repaying the stamping plants across America they owe.
    I do have much more "inside " info on this topic, but I just wanted to get the word out.

    Thank You

  2. Arthur Fontes profile image83
    Arthur Fontesposted 8 years ago

    Chrysler has been bought by Fiat.  Daimler may very well owe outstanding balances to American companies.  They no longer control or own Chrysler though.

    http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/market … al-worked/

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    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years ago

    Yes, when Chrysler ( Daimler ) was bought , within a year things drasticly changed, unfortunatly I was sort of caught in the middle of it. My childs Father works at that stamping plant. Before it was bought by a German company, the profits made by the small stamping facilities were high and amazing, eventually going down hill fast.

    I have known this for a very long time, I just thought I would pas a little info about Mercedes - Benz on to the consumers.

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    Mark Knowlesposted 8 years ago


    Chrysler took $ 7 billion in "bailout money" from the US government Inc.

    $ 7,000,000,000

    3.5 million looks like this:

    $ 3,500,000

    See the difference? lol

    $ 7,000,000,000
        $ 3,500,000-
    $ 6,996,500,000

    You are being fed a nationalistic line. It is all the kraut's fault.

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    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years ago

    I agree Mark..

    the 3.5 million plus was just owed to 1 smaller plant in Ohio..

    I did not even get to go into the rest of it..

    it was a sad day when the UAW let us know..thankfully, my daughter's dad kept his job after being there 15 yrs when they announced it at a meeting.

    I stick with GM, they at least paid everything owed to the plant, so did many other companies, toyota, honda, harley - davidson, ford...

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      Mark Knowlesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      We are all being fed a line. I am listening to the French tell us it is cheap labor in Eastern Europe that is the problem, and the Americans have dropped Saab in the s***.

      It is a mess - worldwide and is not going to get ant better. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I mean - just where exactly did $7 billion go to?

      And a bunch of small factories get shut down and blame it on the Chinese/Germans/Mercedes?cheap Mexican labor. Divisive crap to disguise the fact that we are all getting screwed unless we borrow the money to buy a new car that will not last as long as the repayment period.

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        B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years agoin reply to this
  6. ohox profile image58
    ohoxposted 8 years ago

    plus the GM's director fly by private jet when they ask bail-out. what such an attitude..
    this is capitalism and it make poor ppl more suffer and rich got richer..not fair, but thats the system. it has been going for decades.