Hard to believe, but I finally found a fuel additive that works! 17%!

  1. Superiorhealth profile image59
    Superiorhealthposted 10 years ago

    I know this will appear to be a commercial email, but read my own test results at the bottom! Also, they have now offically launched on 6/21/08. Everyone can try the product now!

    FREE to signup in NanoTech Fuel Enhancer to save money on Gasoline, Diesel, and Home Heating Oil! At the Minimum Savings of 10% you will get back TWICE the product cost!!! Save up to 25%!!! Take a FREE position and tell everyone you know to do the same and let's all make a difference!!! USA & CANADA so far!!! Worldwide very soon!!! BENEFITS>

    1] Help people save money on fuel usage so they will have more spendable income to use!

    2] Reduce emissions up to 50% including CO2 to help clean up our environment for future generations!

    3] Reduce the need for foreign oil as much as possible!

    4] By reducing our use of valuable resources, we can help those in the future to have them!

    5] Provide ongoing support for everyone to be successful in this business! Conference calls Monday-Saturday at 9 PM EDT are just one of the invaluable resources we should use! Simply attend just ONE call. Bring at least one new person to each call and you will be successful!
    1-347-534-1701 pin number 2568#

    6] The Minimum savings is 10% which means that people will save over TWICE the product costs and even more should they get up to 25% savings! Just one more way to boost the sagging economy!

    Product will be available around the end of May, early June! Make sure you study your web site well to be informed if people ask questions! To me, this is so easy that everyone will be at least a customer when they can simply put money back in their pockets!!! This is Pre-Launch so get to as many people as possible before someone else does!

    ***Personal Testimonial: My sponsor sent me a sample and have used it in 2 tankfuls on my 1998 Chevy Astro Van (27 gallons X 2 = 54 gallons) and here are MY results> My average city driving miles per gallon has been 15 mpg! NOW, I am at 17.7 mpg which is OVER 17% savings!!! Yes, it works! Position yourself NOW and tell everyone you know to get in before someone else signs them up!!! This is going to put money back in everyone's pocket who uses fuel!!!***

    NEW Testimonial + NEW NEWS!!!

    Another person in my group, Cliff Holland has tested the Fuel Enhancer on his Grand Marquis! He has always gotten 21 mpg until his first tank with our additive and now he gets 25.9 mpg!!! This is a 23% decrease in fuel consumption!!! Also, you can now buy the product to test prior to our official launch at BELOW WHOLESALE pricing for about 2 bottles!!! The announcement was made on 5/19/08 and again on 5/20/08 on our conference call!

    The regular wholesale price per 4 ounce bottle which treats 150 gallons of gas is $19.95 X 2 bottles + shipping or about $45.00. Official Launch is 6/21/08. Look at the web site for the compensation plan. Now, let's suppose you get the lowest savings of 10%!!! At $4.00 / gallon of gas X 300 gallons = $1,200.00 spent. If you save the minimum of 10% = $120.00!!! That is ALMOST TRIPLE the cost back on this product!!! Might you call this a NO BRAINER?

    Tom Sparrow-CEO, HIM, Inc.
    NanoTech Fuel Enhancer Additive:
    <snipped links - post for the sole purpose of promotion - repeated offences will result in a ban on your account>

  2. thranax profile image46
    thranaxposted 10 years ago

    Very interesting indeed! I wish I know more about the technology behind it. At least this could work (still uses gas). I am still skeptical till it's open premiere but thanks for the information! I will really look into it.


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