Fed up with my mechanic

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    tired and fed upposted 5 years ago

    My mechanic has been giving me the run around for months. I paid him the last payment in January to have my motor rebuilt in my truck. I have paid him a total of 4000 altogether to have this motor rebuilt with all new parts. He sent the motor to one of his friends and the guy messed up and didnt do it right. My mechanic Rocky then gets it back and after about a month and a half he sends it to another friend and this guy was supposedly had did the work on it and Rocky said he assembled it back together and this was a month ago. Over the period of the last few months I talk to him every week asking for updates and when my motor will be done he always says the same thing, "I am working on it or I will try and get it done this weekend". I have been hearing the same thing week after week for 3 months now. I am fed up, as of 2 weeks ago I asked him to give me a deadline, because he feels that since he cant make any more money off of me and the fact that his friend messed up the motor and Rocky had to go in his pocket and pay for some of the parts that somehow this is my fault. He tells me that he hasn't made a damn dime off of my truck and he has lost money because of it but once again that had nothing to do with me, he needs to take that up with his friend that messed it up in the first place. I paid him 4000 altogether and he still have not done anything to my truck and yet he keeps giving me the run around. He continues to fix the new cars that come into his business but he leaves mine sitting in the parking lot. He says I still have a shop to run and I get that but because u cant charge me anymore money because i paid him in full he keeps putting all the other new people in front of me. I am beyond fed up any ides on what I can do to handle this.. Also I will add this is not a friend this is from a private auto shop business.

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    Hugh Williamsonposted 5 years ago

    It's time to try a new tack.

    If your state has an "Auto Repair Frauds Bureau" or something similar, a call to them is free and may be helpful.

    Next, the amount of money involved justifies getting legal counsel. After getting a letter from your atty, he'll probably agree to make some sort of settlement in lieu of going to court.