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Adsense ad positioning

Updated on July 9, 2011

One of the secrets of Adsense profitability is knowing how to better position ads in the web page. The way ads are positioned in your site can be the difference between a successful website and one that doesn't perform well.

Well positioned ads can improve the profitability of a web site, but also the usability for users. It is better to have a good layout that makes the experience better for all readers and at the same time makes more money to you.

For beginners, the easiest way to locate Adsense ads has always been displaying them along the top of bottom of the web page. The second most common area where ads are positioned is along both sides of the page. This is easily suggested by the format of the standard ads.

Finding More Profitable Ad Positions

Although these are simple locations to position your Adsense ads, experience has shown that they are not the best places to get good conversion. Both Google as well as independent advertisers have concluded that such locations for ads can be easily ignored by readers. They are simply too conventional, and when a new user arrives to a page with ads positioned along the typical locations, he or she will simply skip these "undesirable" areas of the site. This way, readers end up not reading the content of Google ads, and they won't click on them even if they are highly relevant for their search.

The simplest way to solve this problem, as observed by good advertisers, is to find some way of blending your content with Adsense advertisement. Blending doesn't mean that you are going to "cheat" your readers. Adsense ads are always "highly relevant", and this is the reason for their success. Most frequently, Google ads are providing a useful service for users, since they convey useful information that is related to your main article.

Methods of Blending

This kind of blending of Adsense and your main content can be done in several ways. A very common technique is to use Adsense squares right at the beginning of some paragraphs. This gives users the chance to see Google ads as they are looking for the beginning of your text. This strategy has demonstrated to be very effective since the beginning of the paragraphs is the target of readers that want only to scan your web page.

A second strategy for content-advertisement blending is to use large rectangular Adsense blocks between your paragraphs. An Adsense block positioned in this way can be very effective because it provides a pause for what you are trying to convey. This is the same idea used in the printed media, when small ads are located between columns of text. This is also the general idea of TV ads -- you will notice that television consistently uses the pauses on programs to sell products to their audience.

A Variation of Blending

A variation of the two themes above, which can also be useful, is locating the ads right after the main text of your page. This can also be successful because the end of a text is also a focal point for users. It is well known that human beings like to have a sense of conclusion in what they do. Even if your readers are just skimming through the web page, they will most probably check your final paragraph, as long as it is accessible in the same page. An ad located at that position will attract the eye of your readers.

The whole idea of content-advertisement blending is to give more opportunities for users to see Google ads. Since Adsense provides valuable information, the end results is that you get much more for using Adsense than simply the money of clicks: you will get readers that are better satisfied with your web page. Always considers this in the first place, since it is the real key to achieve profitability as a web publisher.


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