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An Administrator Finds Inspiration In Olympic Athlete Success

Updated on December 12, 2016

Me and The Olympics

I am a huge sports fan, but this summer I found myself watching sports that I would never have before. This was because I just loved the feeling of the Olympics . I even ended up glued to the Dressage, which I never really understood. I am not a fan of Boxing, but I was rooting for the Natasha Jonas. I feel that the atmosphere at the Olympics was what hooked the majority of people.

However, now that the Olympics are over, what I think about is how dedicated the athletes are as 4 years preparation is a long time. However, the dedication and determination reaches all aspects of their lives, including their diets, social lives and lifestyle. I personally would struggle with this, but I am an ordinary person. However, there must be some lessons that we can take from the Olympic Athlete’s success.

My Normal Working Life; very average no promotions

I am an Administrative Assistant and have been one for 7 years. I have made little progress although I like my work and my bosses have always indicated that they are happy with me. Nevertheless, when promotions come up every year, I always fail to get it. I come second to colleagues and now people who recently join. Seeing all these people achieving so much on the TV made me feel that I should try to make sure I move ahead. My manager confirmed that I need more qualifications, as HR need to approve my promotion. This was great news for me and it meant that I was finally getting the career I wanted.

My Solution To Achieving My Goals

I have not studied since leaving secondary school, but it seems a small action to guarantee this achievement. I enrolled in an Administration Course that I took full-time during my holiday. I wanted to get it finished quickly and I actually enjoyed the course.

I passed the Diploma at the end of my week’s holiday. I had covered a fair amount of the work in my work, so I felt far more confident in the exercises than other people. At the end I got an all important pass and presented it to my boss.

Olympics 2012

Did the Olympics Inspire You?

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My Success after the hard work paid off. Here are the results

My manager agreed that HR was satisfied that I should be moved up to the next pay grade and he would give me more responsibility. I feel great, as I made a sacrifice to break out of being stuck at one level.

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