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Article Marketing: Why It is The Best Marketing Strategy For Building Your Business

Updated on August 25, 2012

For home business owners, finding the best marketing strategies can mean the difference between draining your advertising budget and increasing your profits.  If you're just now coming into the industry it is very easy to get mislead and invest too much time and money into strategies that don't work.

Most of the time a home business owner starts out with prior commitments.  Many have families, school, or just a full time job to manage.  Time is not usually on your side, so practicing a good balancing act with your home based business becomes inevitable.  I have been down that dusty and exhausting road.  So instead of harboring what I have learned from my experiences, I'd rather share with you what I believe is the best marketing strategy you will find.

Time is your most valuable asset.  When it comes to getting the most value for your time, article marketing is the cream of the crop.  Of all the marketing strategies I've used none has a more lasting effect than this.  Think of it in terms of fishing.

Can you imagine casting a net into a lake five years ago and to this day it still puts food on the table?  This is what effective article marketing can do for you.  Well, you may be asking yourself what exactly is this type of strategy.

An article is contextual content that can be published online to educate and inform a reader; much like this hub you're reading.  An effective article contains keywords that many people are interested in and searching for.  Based on the type of value that you are providing, that content can generate plenty of consistent traffic for your business.  How?  By the power of search engines.

Article marketing is similar to billboards and classified ads in that you can set them and forget them.  Unlike those, an article can stay published on the internet forever...not to mention they are free.  Can you imagine what it would cost you to place a billboard on a busy highway for five consecutive years? Ouch!

I also consider article marketing to be one of the best marketing strategies because of the leverage you gain. Sure it takes a little work initially to construct an effective one, but when you're done, it's done. If you publish articles consistently, over time they will become a major generator of automatic traffic. You'll then be able to accomplish other tasks to build your current business. You will have time to investigate in other prospective businesses, and maybe even venture into different effective marketing strategies.

The sky is the limit! Independence isn't the only thing entrepreneurs seek; it's the leverage, too. Most will say that time is money. Some will even claim that it takes money to make more. Devising an article marketing plan is worth the leverage and the free time that it creates.

Anyone can begin using article marketing to start maximizing results in their businesses. It doesn't have to be home based; it can even be a restaurant. Internet articles allow you to express your expertise and share your niche with the world. It can be fun and gratifying, but most of all it will generate a steady traffic flow for the life of your enterprise.

You're welcome to watch this short video I made on the fundamentals of article marketing. Also, feel free to see my seven article marketing tips you should always keep in mind. This is the best business marketing strategy I've found to date. After you see what it can do for you, I believe you'll feel the same way too.

What is Your Opinion on Article Marketing?

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    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 7 months ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Thank you. I will consider it.

    • katleigh profile image

      Katleigh Merrier 8 months ago from Georgia, United States

      This is a really good article and deserves that seat in your Featured hubs! Do you think it's time for an update? I'd like to see this refocused and more in-depth.

      Thanks so much for posting!

    • zuriki profile image

      zuriki 6 years ago

      great hub. thanks for sharing the info