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Beating the Search Engine Part 3: Redeemed Faith in Blogspot and the Birth of Anticipative SEO

Updated on February 27, 2011

Should we be looking at the future?

Okay I'm going to make this quick. It's late and I just wasted my time on video tutorials about this animation software I'm tripping out on (turns out it's impossible for me to do what I want to do because I'm lacking a certain rendering plug-in; freeware sucks I should start using Maya or 3ds Max).

You're probably wondering why I have regained my faith in Google's Blogger or its blogspot subdomain. I have this little secret that I want to share to you, it is the same reason why I got that anomaly in my Hubpages stats where my views were seemingly wired and crazy. For a few days, I was getting around 2k to 3k views (not page impressions in Google Adsense of course; keep in mind that I have a 60/40 cut with Hubpages).

Anyway, I was able to get that because, well, you could say it's part luck and part genius. Do you remember the Chilean miners who got trapped not so long ago? Well, I saw them while watching the news and what caught my attention was that the newscaster said that it will take about three or four months before they could drill to the location of the miners to rescue them.

This instantly gave me an idea that I should bank on the assumption that three to four months from now, regardless if the rescue was successful or not, people will be Google-ing about it and three to four months is more than enough time to be able to work on getting a page to rank on the front page of Google's search results.

And so my exceptional deductive reasoning skills came up with me writing an article focusing on the keywords "trapped miners rescue news" and working on the backlinks and other techniques that would ensure its ranking. Little did I know that this silly little attempt ended up in surprising success. Yep, I ranked, the miners got rescued, and views were rushing to my page and my ads were getting a lot of unique visitors. Everybody wins.

And so this gave birth to what is now known as "Anticipative SEO" (Yes, I am coining the term).

Screenshot of my Hubpages views statistics (the big tower in the middle is the part I'm talking about)
Screenshot of my Hubpages views statistics (the big tower in the middle is the part I'm talking about)

It's not really a new technique that I discovered, as most you may already know. I mean, I've seen people blog about Lady Gaga's newest songs in 2011 even when it's still 2010. With the proper keywords, you can rank even without relevant information. I guess I've proved this already many times. The practice has existed long before I even learned about the concept of SEO, but the point is that I'm giving it a name. A very fitting name for that matter.

So this brings us to the other part of what I'm supposed to be talking about according to the post's title: How did all this "anticipative" SEO give back my faith in Blogger?

Well the answer is simple: Manny Pacquiao.

Search results for keywords "Pacquiao vs Mosley Results"
Search results for keywords "Pacquiao vs Mosley Results"
Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao

Here in the Philippines, Pacuiqao's fights are usually on Sunday morning because of the time difference. So on his last fight, the one with Margarito, if I'm not mistaken, I woke up late that Sunday. And so trying to avoid all the long advertisements in the the free showing of the fight on TV, of course my instinct was to place a search in Google. Turns out none of the results in the front page were relevant or had what I was looking for. Because of my knowledge, I knew it was all SEO people trying to take advantage of the sudden surge in searches.

Also, I ended up seeing the correct results in Twitter trends about Pacquiao and the match. This shows the power of social media simply because social media is powered by people and not by a computer that uses algorithms.

So I had spam for breakfast that Sunday, but of course I was inspired and determined that on Pacquiao's next match, I'll be the one serving the spam. And so just as Pacquiao's match with Mosley was announced, I instantly wrote something focused on the keywords "Pacquiao vs Mosley results" and as you can see it's already the fifth results on Google's front page. So yes, if you wake up late on that Sunday and want to know the results by Google-ing, you might just end up with some random thing I wrote about Pacquiao so beware.

But what's significant here is not me, who's in the 5th line, check out who's on the first result. Yup, it's a Niche site on Blogsot just as I talked about in beating the search engine part 1. Some guy, or probably a company, had the same idea as me only he used Blogger. So imagine, all that negative things I said about Blogger in my Blogger vs Hubpages article is seemingly retracted because of this phenomenon.

It's staggering proof of how a Blogspot subdomain can outrank an owned domain and even authority sites about this topic such as sports news websites.

Really, I hate him/her or the people who made that site. I even hate it that I'm giving them publicity and traffic. But of course, the match of Pacqiao is still at may so the plan is outrank or at least go head to head for the top three places.

So what are the next plans for Anticiaptive SEO?

A lot really, but I don't think one should only focus on anticipative SEO. It still nice to have that reliable and consistent niche sites or ranking pages that get you a decent amount of views even on ordinary and not so special days.

Right now my article banking on the keywords Donald Trump 2012 is already at page 3 of Google. Imagine if I do get to rank by June (the time he says he'll announce if he'll run) and he does run. Damn. I can only imagine what kind of joy that would bring me. haha.

So I hope that was helpful. And in tradition of randomly sharing a song I'm thinking I should share something light this time and share some twee pop from Indonesia. Got this from the music is my girlfriend website a long time ago. Hope you enjoy it and wait for part 4 of this ongoing case study.

Also I have made a new blog specifically on my ideas and thoughts about SEO here: Beating the Search Engine Blog


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