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Blogger vs Hubpages

Updated on January 21, 2012

Comparison of Blogger and Hubpages

I've really been thinking about it and I noticed that almost everywhere I read about it, Blogger supposedly has a better Page Rank than Hubpages. This is expected, of course, since Google owns Blogger and surely the staff and programmers over at Blogger have a deep understanding of how Google and other search engines work.For some reason though, my personal experience is thinking otherwise.

I have been blogging for 8 years now, transferring from one website or blogging service to another. But it's only around 6 or so months ago when I started thinking about monetizing and earning from blogging. Right now, I am managing a around 5 blogs, some personal, some academic, and some focused mainly on making money.

Going back to my topic, with the Blogger and Hubpages issue, I have noticed how powerful Hubpages can be when it comes to ranking in search engines and attracting visitors. Because I use both Blogger and Hubpages, I can really compare the difference and see the advantages and disadvantages of both. Of course, I use both sites differently but I'm still able to see an advantage with Hubpages most especially if you are thinking of views and page rankings.

Blogger vs Hubpages
Blogger vs Hubpages

My experience with Blogger

Most of the blogs that I use in blogger have a more personal aspect to it. What I mean is that with these blogs, I focus more on quality and less on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. My purpose, really, is to share my thoughts and my ideas and not really to outrank sites in Google or get a lot of views.

I also feel that the readers of the blogs I have in blogger are more on people who actually know me or are even close to me rather than strangers who are searching on Google or other search engines.

For instance, I have a food blog where I post my reflections on the joy of eating. And another one would be my blog that focuses on my advocacies. Both are getting quite a number of views but of course not as significant as the ones I am getting on Hubpages. Usually it would just be my friends, or those who enjoy reading about my reflections and opinions. Some of them follow my blogs regularly while others just checkout the links I share in my social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter (feel free to connect with me through these sites).

I know these things are very significant with my analysis of the two sites. And I do understand that blogger is very powerful and that many users are ranking and getting a lot of traffic in their blogs. I mean, I am sure I can get a lot of rankings and views as well with these blogs but then I do still feel that Hubpages is more powerful.


My experience with Hubpages

Many of my articles in Hubpages are ranking well and get a lot of traffic. As you can see in one of the medal things I have in my Hubpages profile, I've already accumulated over 100,000 page views. I was able to do this just 6 months from joining Hubpages and the number of articles or hubs I've written haven't even reached 100.

I've seen people who have been here for 1 or 2 years and still not have that kind of page views. I do feel that a big factor they are missing is awareness of how search engines work and how the many different techniques and styles one can use to optimize their articles.

With the quality control in Hubpages, I also feel that more quality articles are produces as compared to Blogger. These requirements are able to ensure a standard of quality when it comes to writing. There are even a lot of helpful tools that can help you optimize your articles such as the Title Tuner.

Some of my ranking hubs where I get a lot of traffic are those that are about delivery services here in Manila. I figured that a lot of people are searching for the menu, number, and other important information, plus I noticed that there wasn't that much competition yet. I actually started writing about it when I got food delivered to my house and decided to write about it in my personal blog over at Wordpress. I noticed that it ranked on the first page of Google right away (this really shows the power and advantage of having a Wordpress blog).

I quickly decided to write about the different delivery services in my Hubpages, thinking that I will be getting a lot of views and good page rankings. And just as I figured I did get rankings for it considering that there wasn't much competition yet plus I got a lot of page views and got my Google Adsense account to start accumulating earnings. Here are some of the articles I am talking about:

All of them have a significantly good position in the first page of Google for different keywords. Plus, these aren't the only articles I have written in Hubpages. I do write about many other topics and apply the same skills and techniques I always use.

Making Money Through Blogging

There are many ways you can make money online through blogging most especially if you are able to understand the concepts and techniques used for optimizing one's blog. I actually recently just reached my payment threshold for Google Adsense. It is quite slow come to think of it especially since it took me 6 months just to be able to get 100 dollars in income. It is passive income though, I mean it is free money for not really doing much and just doing something that is very natural to me. Right now I am just waiting for the money really. I will be blogging about it as soon as I get it, I am sure.

But as I have said it is quite still so slow for me. I have been reading success stories and many times I am really becoming so impatient. It is quite reassuring though to read about how some of the successful ones got their first payments for a year, some even two. It does make me have more faith in the skills and techniques I have.

You can get a passive income as well if you wanted. If you love writing then might as well make a bit of earnings form it. It is really all about learning the right techniques and constantly being thirsty for more knowledge. Here are some information that you might find helpful:

Blogger vs Hubpages

I hope this article was helpful and that you found some answers to your questions. I write other articles too, please do check them out.

I do enjoy listening to a good song while writing. Many times I am hyped by some delicious drum and bass or dubstep. Here's the song I was listening to while writing this article, I thought I'd just randomly share it here.

I wonder if you know how you cross my mind. I wonder if you know how much I think about you.

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    • SuzannePick profile image

      SuzannePick 5 years ago from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England, U.K.

      Thanks so much for this article. I've heard so many comments on one platform vs another but this breakdown makes so much more sense.

    • pinoymmafan profile image

      pinoymmafan 5 years ago from Philippines

      bro..salamat..musta?kumikita ka na ba dito?

    • stuff4you profile image

      stuff4you 6 years ago

      the interface for hub pages is prettier than blogger. I think blogger is a little bit ugly, more often than not.

    • Harry Santos profile image

      Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      Thanks guys! You should watch out for more similar articles! We should follow each other or something, yeah? :)

    • PaulGoodman67 profile image

      Paul Goodman 6 years ago from Florida USA

      Great article and just the information that I was searching for! Thank you! :-)

    • profile image

      wendy87 6 years ago

      hubpages really rocks...

    • saintodd profile image

      saintodd 6 years ago from Suffolk, VA

      I'm enjoying gleaning information from your hubs. Thanks for writing. I believe with the effort needed, anyone can crack the google SEO code. Voted up and ranked.