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Updated on September 5, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Your thought is the bridge between your potential and performance

By Benjamin S C Ugoji

Who doesn’t want to succeed? Well I think that we all do, But most of the time we sabotage our ability to succeed by the way we conduct ourselves. For example, the things we imagine or think about, the way we feel (nursing emotions that are destructive rather than constructive); which in turn affect our attitude and the results we get. Whether we know it or not we are the architects of our destiny, the artists of our paintings in the canvas of life. No matter the actions we take we are part of the whole plot, because we are in control to our thought, feelings and behaviour.

What do I mean by Unique Success Path®? Well it does sounds like the unique selling point (USP). Does it? Your unique success path is an idea that you have a unique path in life for you to weave through for your success. It’s different for everyone. But you have to discover it. Having discovered it you have to apply the habit of good thinking in order to attain it.

On my own personal journey in life, I have discovered that thinking is the supreme thing. It is the habit whereby the mind of man has the chance to commune with the divine. A lot have been written about thinking. We do it through our whole waking hour. In fact we are a thinking consciousness. This ability has been endowed to us by our Creator. Through out the ages great men of our civilisations’ achieved wonderful things through the mastery of their thought. How you think determines your success or failure in different areas of your life.

Why am I bothering you with this idea – “Unique success path®”, my reason is simple. I want you to succeed in life; and this is made possible by emphasising the fact that you need to think to succeed. What does success mean to you? I presume you want to change, grow, expand and contribute your gifts, talents, and skill as you become all you want to be.

Essentially, this discussion we are in three parts:

Your potential is the seed

Your thought is the soil

Your performance is the harvest

This idea is based on the seed time and harvest time principle or law in the Scripture. Time is of great essence here. Your life depends on it and you need time to create the life you need; and the time is NOW. Before we begin let me quickly recap some important thought on success.

Success – a preamble

People have different views about success. But success is who you’ve become. Most people seek after the trappings from success. However, success is inside out. Basically the process to success is summed up as “to be, to do and to have.” You have the ability to be successful, you can do the things you need to do in any area of your life to be successful, you have the right to reap the benefits of the efforts you put in to the results you have. Always remember the law of sowing and reaping. It is a spiritual law and can never be broken. You need to apply yourself to the principles. For you to succeed in any endeavour the man of the heart – the subconscious mind, which evolves must align with the conscious mind which involves.

Your potential is the seed

You have the potential to be whatever you desire to be based on your passion or expertise. You have the seed in form of seed of thought or idea in your mind. You need to discover how to plant and nurture this seed to fruition - your desire. You have to know that a man’s interest creates a desire. Desire is of two types. One is physical and the other mental. Thoughts and ideas satisfy the mental desire. Subsistence and propagation satisfy the physical desire. You don’t need to bother about how the increase will be brought about. Your Creator has put all the factors in place to bring the increase.

Your thought is the process

You need to sow the seed in the soil of your mind. However, you need to make sure that this seed is not choked up by negative thought which is borne out of doubt and fear; rather of faith and purpose. Develop the skill of becoming a good thinker, who through organised effort on form of a plan will make your desire a reality so that you reap the reward. You need to know that by your thoughts the things you want is brought to you, by action you receive them.

Your performance is the harvest

This is the world of your environment; here you need determined effort and action to bring your intangible thoughts to tangible reality. Action is of great essence here. However, you need to fight every form of fear that works against faith. Challenges could come in any of these forms:

· Consideration in thought level, defeat it with positive thought

· Fear in form of feeling defeat it with faith and purpose

· Roadblocks in the environmental front – fight it by manipulating your environment in the now through positive action in the direction of your dream.

Do not allow fear to stop on the realisation of your goal toward realising your dream in your Unique Success Path®. Perhaps this quote from is apt: Wally Amos = author of Water Melon Magic and The Man with no name

“Fear knocked at the door. Faith opened the door and there was no one there. What you fear does not exist. You’re constantly making up. So go through your fear. Grow through your fears,”

Whatever your action is to your unique success path®, you have to realise that you must take action NOW. Put your whole mind into the present action.

What you have to do today to move you to succeed?

© B S C Ugoji 2012


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