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How to Drive Internet Traffic?

Updated on February 12, 2014

Keyword Search - Bathroom -- There is no bathroom here, thanks a lot pal!

driving in online traffic requires good information
driving in online traffic requires good information

We do not want a traffic jam when driving online!

Why would we choose to place a film over our eyes, which then lessens our ability to see, that which is supposedly most important and relevant online - upon our arrival?

I don't know about you, but when I go about to search and find a site of interest or relevance online - a site match to my desired keywords - I always know that most likely, what I want to find with my driving around on the Internet... so to speak - is usually that which is considered a Hot site and an attractive destination for many others as well.... thus the high traffic that surrounds popular and hot HUBS or sites - is relevant to my keyword search - due to the quality content provided!

Isn't that the beauty of Google as a search engine for each driver on the Internet and also the desired placement of any website to achieve for best traffic of relevance?

Meaning, Google has designed a system that rewards those websites with relevant content - because the 'driver' said so! Then rewarding a good site or Hub with desired high traffic results.

A perfect marriage - and one that I personally depend upon Google for - as do many others who Publish their Passion to be read!

Driving high traffic online means a good clear view of where you are going

As a writer and author here on HubPages, or as an actual webmaster on any given site, I must pose the question as to WHY... would I do anything to place a film, that would obstruct - either the vision of my potential readership OR create obstructions for those attempting to be my high traffic as a writer?

HubPages has created Groups that highlight different types or categories of Hubs that may be found on HubPages -- by those looking to find information on a particular topic or subject, etc...

For those who are writing relevant content and putting forth a true effort in time, energy, knowledge and passion - to produce quality Hubs - it would be my assumption that the path to high traffic would be clearly marked, removing the fuzzy view - so that all could work together to optimally produced desired results for the entire HubPages Website environment.

The Internet has made available for us to have a great view of what is popular online, thus removing the film that can obstruct our vision as to what is relevant on a search result, many times the most popular sites, thus making a topic or subject or search of interest to a large group of people at the time.... us when we search on Google or use any other search engine.



Put yourself in the drivers-seat - looking for results to "your" keywords, which will give you relevant results - because If you use a search engine like Google - then - you are confident that you will get your desired site returned to you... that is how good Google IS!

  • MAIN TOPICS PAGE (which showcase a myriad of Hubs, for various reasons... not always the results that Google would bring... as these are determined by HubPages scoring parameters)
  • HUBS (Three categories grace this system... which apparently uses a very similar grading system as the Main Topics Page... BUT these change - go up and down like the stock markets momentarily)
  • HUBPAGES (upper-left hand of page - made personal to a registered Hubber, showing off those they are fans of... again, much smaller group of those to focus on and so your ability to see yourself here is really quite good -- Now, if you are not a registered user - the TOP HUBBERS are showcased here...)


Film - Visual Obstruction Which Inhibits the Ability To See That Which Is Most Relevant...

search results must mean a good destination is found
search results must mean a good destination is found
good online traffic comes from clearly finding what is wanted in search results
good online traffic comes from clearly finding what is wanted in search results


If I published a newspaper.. let's just use this as our model... and I expected or desired that it should be read by as many people possible - would I not absolutely want those topics that are, chosen by my readers or drivers, who pay for my paper to be "those" HOT topic that appears as my HEADLINE NEWS - be that which they determine?

Is it possible that the the desire for HubPages to have their writers in competition with one another - is actually hurting not only individual authors but HubPages themselves -- by using a different rewards system for Hubs - differing from that which Google themselves has proved quite useful for it's traffic?

Thus the request that this film be removed so that we can see our view to high traffic here on the Hub as something we can depend on - to see and visit that which is consistent and relevant...

IMHO - Relevancy is not a game of chance and wonderment!




I really liked this video about social bookmarking and building your own traffic base for your Hubs. I would really encourage anyone who would like to understand the power of social bookmarking and how to better utilize it - because you know how it works - to watch this video and try applying even ONE of his suggestions to one of your HUBS.

Gather the great information that is given in this video... not necessarily the product being sold.

I personally think that I will work at building a better base of fans, through signing up for the fan club opportunity that is provided on each and every Hub that we create.

I would like to see HubPages integrate this ability on "our" profile page with a bit more flair....

How about a capsule dedicated to fan sign-ups? I would love that...


I will discuss further the use of the three categories under HUBS and the inability of them to be considered relevant and credible to not only authors and publishers, but to those who are our potential readers...

We need to all want that those things that are truly HOT, RELEVANT and POPULAR to be that which EVERYONE else thinks is too... or we lose as an entire website...

This creates an increase of TRAFFIC THAT EVERYONE BENEFITS BY....

  • remove film and see

Perhaps we need to consider a "new" category to showcase those of us who are "newbies" and our work - apart from that which a popular search engine like Google would consider HOT.

I do believe that Google is the one, still - determining popular and HOT?

Because that is how everyone else is playing the game of what is considered HOT on the Internet:-)


[ intrans. ] become or appear to become covered with a thin layer of something : his eyes had filmed over.

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    • villete profile image

      Vicky 4 years ago

      Yes, social bookmarking sites is effective way in driving traffic to your site but most important is the content of your site.

    • ReginaFloyd profile image

      ReginaFloyd 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I am new to hubpages so I appreciate the clarification and explanation on how to drive traffic in internet marketing.

    • profile image

      Chuck Ferraro 6 years ago

      Very well written. Thanks for the information.

    • profile image

      Deedee 6 years ago

      This is an interesting read. I love how you incorporated relevant pictures and video on here. Great!

    • free4india profile image

      free4india 8 years ago

      Nice tips

    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 9 years ago from United States

      Jamesbreeze -

      Hey, thanks for stopping by, watching the video and giving a thought or two about it. I liked it too, as i said. I am not selling the products or anything... I just think there are quite a few good tips that anyone interested in these parts of Hubbing can benefit from.

      I will check out your resource that you have given here.

      Again, thanks:-)



    • jamesbreeze profile image

      jamesbreeze 9 years ago from Sydney

      Hi WO,

      I like that video - as you say it is a bit sales focussed but worthwhile nonetheless. I love sthe ww.stompernet video on social marketing - Have you seen it?

      Their associated PDF mentioned Hubpages and I signed up last night. Looks good. Using it to get my word out and also help with marketing my blog

      Nice meeting you.