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How Much Is Your Online Business Worth?

Updated on November 23, 2015
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Hi I'm Toya Welcome to my HubPages. I hope you enjoy them. I work online blogging, writing HubPages and selling things on and offline.

What's the value

Can you guess the value as a professional internet marketer or a potential internet entrepreneur For any website, blog or social networking profile?

Here are a few things to take into account when calculating the value of any business, blog, article site or social networking Profile

  • Time accounts opened
  • Number of referrals
  • Number of contacts, leads
  • Include number of articles, online business page reviews,
  • Include Solo Ads and Text Link and Classified Ads written
  • Include training and newsletter messages written and saved to be sent to all affiliates once they've joined
  • Income earning potential
  • and actual Income earned to date
  • How many income streams.
  • Size of downline
  • Number of business contacts
  • Number of leads
  • Include bookmarking accounts
  • Include Facebook and Twitter
  • Include Social Networking accounts
  • Include all advertising done

HubPages Long Term Earning Potential

HubPages are a very good way of earning money online and a way to get ongoing monthly royalties once your Hubs become popular.

You can earn through the HubPages advertising program, by selling products at Amazon and eBay and also sharing in the revenue made from Google Adsense ads. If your Hubs are keyword and SEO optimized you should be able to earn commissions quite easily from them.

All you have to do is choose a topic and start writing about it. Upload a few photos and add a video. Then HubPages does the rest for you! It adds the Amazon,eBay and Google ads automatically and sets out a nice template for your page.

How much potentially can each Hub be worth and what does this mean for the Hubber?

Let's look at some example HubPage stats and work out how much they are worth based on a few indicators:

40 Hubs, 30 Featured Hubs

Squidoo transferred to HubPages not long ago and Squidoo members were selling their Lenses from $10 upwards just for a lense to be made and $100's SEO optimized lenses, with an income and a lot of traffic. What does this mean for the Hubber? How much could you value your HubPages for?

Let's look at Stats: 40 Hubs x $10 each = $400

Let's add another $10 for the ones that are featured: eg. 30 Featured Hubs x $10 = $300

Plus the potential income and royalties of the Hubs is unlimited And as your pages become more popular you will earn more.

And if you use your own photograph and video contact you can also offer this media for sale and grant exclusive rights to use them. This should really increase the income on your hubs as well.

Of course you also sell the articles you write on HubPages charging accordingly to their popularity and granting the new owner exclusive rights to own and modify them.

You can see that writing and creating new Hubs all the time is a very good internet investment for the future. How long HubPages will remain online is unclear and it is a good idea to keep a copy of all of your Hubs just in case one day your Hubs disappear.

HubPages On Amazon

Can your internet business send you on holiday somewhere like this?
Can your internet business send you on holiday somewhere like this?

SFI - Strong Future International

SFI is an online Home Business with a lot of earning potential with different income streams.

Here are a few of the ways you can earn at SFI:

By referring new affiliates and earning commissions from their activity

By starting an eCommerce store at TripleClicks

By selling products for other members on TripleClicks

By joining the song contests at TripleClicks and selling your music

My Lead Company

At My Lead Company you can buy and sell weekly and monthly Leads Packages. You can also earn daily commissions depending how many Group Volume points you have.

How much is my Affiliate Markeing Income Value?

How much is my Affiliate Marketing Income Value?

See results
With your online income can you go shopping with the girls?
With your online income can you go shopping with the girls?
Can you get your hair done by a head stylist earning from your online home business?
Can you get your hair done by a head stylist earning from your online home business?

Reality Networkers

Here is an example of the earning potential at Reality a networker. This is an onlone marketing community where members help other members build their online business. There are step by step instructions and it is relatively easy to build a sales and affiliate team with this co., which you can bring into any online business,

Lets say these are your stats

How many direct referrals - 25
How many in my downline - over 500 members
Have upgraded for one position in the matrix for $25
Can enter competitions for cash prizes and upgrades with points earned by activity
Can bring your downline into other paying programs
Get payouts from the matrix and earn commissions

Your earnings grow with each new upgraded member you sponsor. And you can also pay for their upgrades and buy your own new team members.

The potential to earn money while you are building your business is huge and it is worth using their online calculator to find out just how much money you could be making with this well established online company.

Things to think about!

Income Potential
Size of Downline
Forced Matrix
Reputation of Online Co.
Number of Referrals
Bonus Pool Commissions
Affiliate Program
Members Upgrade Level
Affiliate Commissions
How would you calculate the Online Affiliate Marketing Income Value?

How Much Is YourFacebook Page Worth

I have been looking into this and there has been quite a lot of work from Business professionals and Internet Marketers on how much someone's Facebook Page is worth.

It depends on a number of things:

First of all how many Fans or Friends you have
How much you post daily or weekly on average
How many likes you get
How many visits to the websites that you post about:
How many sales you make or subscribers you get once they click through to your website
Let's use this website to make a rough calculation of your Facebook Likes and Page

Here's my Facebook Page address:

Find our how much your online customers are worth

Can you stay in expensive hotels and enjoy superior luxuries just by making matrix commissions?
Can you stay in expensive hotels and enjoy superior luxuries just by making matrix commissions?


Wom Vegas is a social network, advertising site and home business in one. You can earn a good income following their strategies and Payplans. They will also help to set you up in your own home business for as little as $10 a month, and you will also be able to earn a passive income just from the returns you get from advertising sales and leads.

You can advertise cheaply and earn an income at the same time.

Earn money by selling advertising packages, earn from commissions from your temporary downline. Start your own lead business and power advertising center. Become a city promoter and earn a passive income from advertising in your city.

womVegas is a unique and creative business online and is wel trusted by m any internet marketing professionals.

Includes Orange Leads, WomFriends, Tim's Tweet Factory, Instant Cash Clicks, Text Ads, Wom City Promoters and more.

© 2015 Anna Christie


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