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Having A Hard Time Sponsoring?

Updated on May 21, 2012

Network marketing sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Just go find three friends and they will sign up right away. Then they will find three of their friends and so on. Easy, right? Not so fast.

If that is the case, why aren’t we all millionaires! The plain fact is that the average person only sponsors 2.5 people over their entire career. So much for the three friend theory!

Why then, is it so hard to sponsor people. Here are some theories I have:

1.) Most people are not rich to start. Their friends know that and they do not trust them in money making ventures.

2.) Most companies are in health & nutrition and, let’s face it, most people want to stay fat. ( I know I did)

3.) Most people are not salesman and do not know how to close a sale.

4.) 95% of the population stay broke their whole lives and chances are most people do not know many people in the 5% category (and they do not need to make more money anyway).

Yet, we still keep going to meetings, rallies, and seminars that keep telling the same story! What exactly is the story we are taught? Goes like this:

1.) A famous celebrity (insert name) uses our product. (like you should then, right????)

2.) You can lose weight in 5 days flat!

3.) My upline is a gigiliionaire in 2 days

I think you get the drift! This only works for so long and about one in every 100 actually go for it. The problem is that most distributors quit before they talk to even 20 people without a “yes”.

So, what then is the solution?

Now, I am by far not the sponsoring guru, but I can tell you what has worked for myself and plenty of other people that have used this method.

Solve a problem that a vast majority of the population have. You see, not everybody:

1.) Wants to lose weight

2.) Likes to send cards

3.) Wants to switch their long distance

But a great majority of people WANT to lower their taxes!

I have been doing taxes for over 30 years and I can verify that statement personally!

I have literally helped people save hundreds of thousands of dollars by having a home based business.

Just a few short questions that I have scripted for you, will get most anybody interested to the point that they will see the benefit of owning a home based business.

You see, there are actually two tax systems in America:

1.) One for employees

2.) One for business owners

Now, which tax system do you think enjoys the most tax benefits??

You could simply tell that story to anybody followed by one key question:

“Knowing the answer, which group would you like to be in?”

Then, after they say the business owners, ask them if it would be worth 15 minutes of their time for you to show them the way to get in that group!

You now have some great ideas to go and test on your market!

If you want the full scripts plus the tax CD you can hand out, just use the links below.

I trust this article gave you some valuable insight on how to start sponsoring people the easy way! Until then, have a profitable day.



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